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by Amy_F on November 19, 2012


I’ve been asked to do Custom Reviews before and really enjoyed myself since I got to try out the companies website and custom design process and design my own shirt.  Not that I don’t already design my own shirts for a living but it’s always fun to try out other ways to go about it.  This most recent Custom Review was for a company called Wordans.  I had never heard of them prior to this so I was eager to check out their website and design center online.

Wordans logo

Their website is clean and designed well making it very simple to find the “Create Your Own” custom t-shirt section in the top left corner on the front home page.  They give you a drop down menu which sometimes I personally find annoying if there’s too much clutter happening in there or too many options, but they give you a reasonable amount of items/products to select from to custom design yourself.  I think it’s great that they’ve given you so many different items to custom design because there are so many creative people in the world that could just sit there for hours designing things which will in turn become lots of orders for them.

Wordans website


Let’s get right to it so I can start showing you my custom shirt.  I obviously clicked on custom T-shirt and while that page is loading they give you a brief 1-2-3 step process of how the website will work.  Once the design center loads they give you a slew of t-shirt styles and brands to choose from on the right hand side and color options for each shirt underneath plus sizing and quantity and all that good stuff.

design center screen shot

Wordans gave me a lot of options which I liked but disliked at the same time.  Let me explain; I’ve done custom t-shirt websites that give me 4 shirts to choose from and I hated it.  But too many options, especially options that are very similar where a normal consumer (not a clothing company owner/designer such as myself) would know the difference between the brands and fits and styles.  I’m not sure if they get a lot of every day people shopping for a few custom shirts or more so clothing companies or business’s purchasing in bulk since they have that option as well.  If it’s more consumer-related then I think you should limit the brands and styles of the clothing.  What do I mean by that?  I mean don’t give me the same style shirt in a Gildan and an American Apparel because a normal person isn’t going to know the difference they are only going to look at color, fit and price.

Amy-Wordans-Custom-Tshirt The Gildan-Women’s vneck fits perfect!

I chose a Gildan Women’s fit v-neck t-shirt in white though the color options were endless I was in a simple mood.  The next part is simple, simply choose your text or image to place on the shirt.  They give you a much broader range to place your design on the shirt than most other custom design websites do.  They basically give you the entire front or entire back to maneuver your text or image around.  This was great because I got really frustrated on other websites with the small limited area they allowed me to play around with.  Now you have the option of typing your own text and playing around with styles, fronts, colors, etc. which could be an all day process.  Or you could upload your own image for the t-shirt or even better CHOOSE from one of the MANY selections they give you.

Amys-Custom-Tshirt-Design I actually overlapped two separate designs together to create MY custom t-shirt design at Wordans!

Now here’s where the fun began because they gave me a lot of different categories of images to choose from from “Funny” to “Love”, “Music”, “Animals”, “Sports”, their Top 25 image selections and a ton more.  Plus, every category had sub-categories which killed me because there were even MORE options to choose from.  Again, something that could be good or bad.  Here’s why I say that; because I love options but with more options comes perhaps me making more shirts = good for Wordans.  With more options comes me sitting on their website longer = good for Wordans.  Here’s why it’s bad.  More options could mean I get frustrated and don’t want to deal with it and just give up on the designing thus Wordans loses a sale.  Too many options can give one a headache and drive them up a wall.  This is sort of what happened and I ended up having to stop searching for more images, rethinking the design and starting over.

Amys-Custom-Tshirt I am so excited with the final result of my custom t-shirt!

I have to give it to Wordans though because overall they were the best custom t-shirt website I’ve tried out in my short 28 years on earth.  Their pricing was stellar starting t-shirts at $9.95 before the design.  If you recall I did a review for Zazzle and their pricing was outrageously high before the design amongst a lot of other poor qualities about their website and custom t-shirt center (ie: limited design area on the t-shirt, poor blank t-shirt selection, etc.).  Wordans made me happy and pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of their website, design center and product.


Thank you Wordans for allowing me the privilege of reviewing your custom design feature.  I had a lot of fun and am thrilled with the final product I created on your website.  Next time I need a custom product made I will be heading your way!

FUN FACT: Wordans hails all the way from Montreal, Canada!

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  • Duane Lambe

    Something I left on G+; no reply yet. Short gist, output is great, input needs a lot of help, but it’s still pretty decent.

    “Wordans, your one-line editbox for the Description is killing me.

    The character limitation in the Description is killing me.

    French-Canadian (Research and J’aime) seems to be the default. I want to change that.

    People can’t comment on individual design pages, just on your whole site. Wicked useless.

    I can’t have folders? Everything’s just a big dump on the site, no organizational options? Still?

    Your beta uploader will never work. Can I have the Classic as the _default_, instead of changing it manually every time?

    Every time a design is created, you ask for tags, and then you add extra stuff from the title on the end when it’s saved. Why are you asking for them, if you keep breaking them?

    Share to Facebook and Twitter? Check. Share to Delicious and the _old_ Digg? Check.

    Definitely no CSS/HTML options.

    That damn Contact Us animated button pops up on every page reload. Give us autistic dudes a break, would ya?

    I would have asked about your plans for the future _last_ year. I’m afraid to ask now.

    Should I keep bothering with the site, Wordans? Help me out here.

    Any t-shirt folks out there with a favorite t-shirt designer interface?

    #frustratingdesign #tshirt #wordans”

  • SydneyPrinter2

    Use someone else.

    They do not deliver their goods on time.

    they refuse to give you anything but a credit note. (And I can’t stand a
    business that tells you that they “only” issue credit notes and never
    refund their customers)

  • http://www.zombieskin.com/ Duane Lambe

    Found that out through trial and error, you are completely correct. Wordans is a dead company to me.

  • Rixter

    You really ought to update this review by doing a search online of all the reviews this terrible company is getting. They have the highest 1-star rating anywhere, and BBB rated them “F”. I only know this because they have failed to send me my products after many weeks, and after canceling the order I’m weeks into waiting for a refund.

    I only wish I had read all the reviews first so I would not be out of my money.

    Wordans is horrible!

  • Andrew Bowness

    That is unfortunate. Obviously this article is 5 years old, and as I haven’t written anything on here for a year now you can imagine I don’t have much enthusiasm to go back and review them again, especially as this time I’d have to pay for it. I’m sure the comments on this post will be enough to dissuade people, What a pity their service appears to have dropped off to such a poor level.

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