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by DeeHYA on November 25, 2012

I have had this tee for flippin’ ages! I’ve had these pics too by I just don’t like them and I was hoping I’d have time to re-shoot but I simply haven’t. Anyhoo, these tee is from French company ‘laFraise‘. I got to choose a tee and I chose this one mostly because of the fact it is ZOMBIE DOLPHINS! but also because I liked the green and yellow colour combo on the black tee.

This company has a ‘Threadless‘ sort of feel because it’s all community based, there are designs contests and there are releases of fresh designs weekly.

The website is easy to navigate, it is colourful, attractive and enjoyable to use. You can flick through the designs by gender and size so you don’t need to get seduced by tees that you can’t buy because of lack of availability. Although I have to say there are tonnes more designs on the site now than there were when I received this tee so it probably bodes well for them than I have delayed the blog. Massive selection now, one thing I will say though is that their website would benefit from a search mode so you can find ones that are relevant to your interests.

I like some of the kids tees too there are some designs I would sure put on my two little minions. I like this Green Monster design which is available in ‘hoodie‘! Simple but awesome!  

Quality of the tee is amazing, the print is second to none, there is absolutely nothing I have negative to say about this tee, I have washed it 3 times and it is the same condition as it was when the postie popped it through my letterbox.

I would recommend the bright and kooky style of  laFraise! The collection of designs is so varied that I am sure there is something for everyone whether you’re talking ladies, fellas or kiddies!

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