Snob Mob Has Some New Tees

by Mr Four Fingers on December 4, 2012

Snob Mob

The ever industrious Rob over at Snob Mob sent us over some of his new tees for review and generally people only do this when they are confident of their product and in this case it’s pretty much bang on.

The first thing I noticed is how damn good the colours are and by that I mean pucnhy as hell! The grey t-shirt is a design called Check Mate by Matt Glasby, who is  pretty much a resident artist (second year running out of two). What I really like about the design, apart from the cool illustration, is the colour combinations, man do they pop. I’m also a sucker for bright colours on heather grey (or as Rob say: “fucking boring grey” to “fucking ridiculous neons”). Snob Mob have decided to print this design with plastisol ink so it’s relatively  thick with  a textured feel. I’m sure this will soften up a little after a few washes. If you are thinking that the texture might put you off  then don’t let it as plastisol ensures bright colours that don’t fade and increases longevity of the design.

The second design is called Miyok Madness, a new  guest artist to the Snob Mob crew. Miyok actually means ‘bad medicine’. Miyok is a  street artist that bombards the walls of New York with these disruptive pills (also a form of promotion for his skate brand Miyok Madness). The design has been printed with discharge ink so it’s pretty soft to the touch.

The first t-shirt I received from Snob Mob was Skull Muck which was printed on a white t-shirt and as I mentioned before it was a little loose on me. These t-shirts are still Gildans, though one thing I have noticed is that the grey and the black are a better fit , this may be something to so with the dye shrinking the fabric a little. Whatever it is I like it.

Included with the t-shirts was also a nice note on a small flyer with an illustration by Mr Penfold. This design also happens to be a t-shirt on sale for £15.

Some people may look at the £25 price tag and hmm and haww but just have take a look at the talent that Rob is infusing his brand with by bringing some great designs to the public. Snob Mob also has free UK delivery which is pretty damn good and £4 on international delivery.

On Friday night when we were taking these photos in the freezing cold a friend of mine from work randomly walked past us. His first thoughts upon seeing us at a distance was ” who are are these crazy people wearing t-shirts in this cold weather, they must be skateboarders”.

Not bad then for a brand like Snob Mob to have that effect at a distance!

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