Mr Four Fingers T-Shirts

by Mr Four Fingers on December 10, 2012

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

I’m so used to reviewing and photographing other peoples t-shirts with a pretty quick turnaround but it takes us ages to do our own Mr Four Fingers t-shirts! HYA has reviewed Digisin before and it’s Digisin that  Mr Four Fingers has partnered up with to print our range of t-shirts.

There is another review on HYA of Digisins special edition packaging and there are  detail shots of hem tags if you are into that sorta thing but for now we are sharing our designs with some background info on the illustrations.

Chaos Rules 2

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

Apologies for what looks like an attempt at Blue Steel but that was just how my face looked at the time (absolute lie). That and it was frikken cold. This skull illustration was abstracted from a pen illustration that was about 15 hrs of hand numbing drawing. I mention abstracted as there was also a background that we decided not to print. Follow this link to see the original and process images. If you are about in London and you like this original then make sure to visit the Brick Lane Gallery as it will be in exhibit.


Tiger Tiger

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

Tiger Tiger is a high res scan of a watercolour and ink illustration that was actually a gift. This gift was a free original illustration giveaway that we like to give to our every 100th like on Facebook. This was for a lucky fella in India. Follow this link to see the original illustration called Burning Bright.


The Bat 

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

The Bat illustration was a bit of fun for us when we decided to enter an alternative Batman design to the Dark Knight Rises t-shirt competition that was held by Design By Humans a few months ago. We liked it so much we decided to have it printed ourselves. This illustration was created with ink and watercolour.



This is definitely on of my favourite illustrations we have as it’s dark and unusual. This was originally an attempt at creating a  portrait to be featured in our FaceSkull series where we create a half portrait half skull illustration. This particular one was of Elise from Au Palais and after about 5 hrs work I realised it wasn’t quite right (I did another bang on). So not wanting to waste an illustration I decided to create something else. This illustration was created with pencils with certain elements like blue, ink textures and halftones added digitally.

All designs are printed Direct to garment on Gildan premium t-shirts  (and some sweats). These can be purchased for £16.99 from either the Mr Four Fingers store (oh look we have prints too and other cool stuff) or Digisin.


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