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by Ben_P on December 10, 2012

I’ve been in two minds over these t-shirts I received from T-Shirt Subway. It’s been something quite difficult to really write about so here it goes.

First off, I love indie business’s I fully support their efforts and wish them all the best in the world when struggling to compete with large corporations that churn out design after design after design like conveyor belt of appalling designs. So to me I appreciate it when I see indie companies put a lot of thought and effort into their designs and choice of tee, this is why to me personally T-Shirt Subway has been a little bit of a let down. Their designs are devoid of what I have come to expect of indie brands – that being passion. These images are (in all fairness to them) officially licensed so they do own the rights to produce t-shirts with them on, but I’m struggling to fully commit to this brand for those few niggling reasons.


However, personal opinion aside the t-shirts are printed on Continental Clothing’s garments which are delightful to wear. Less rough against the skin and hug the body nicely – although a tad too much around the neck (perhaps the type of t-shirt they chose? I can’t hold it against T-Shirt Subway anyway). The first design is of Slash himself, it’s actually a design that is used for his biography. I absolutely ADORE this design because I love Slash, he just encompasses everything that’s awesome about rock. I suppose this is the exact reason T-Shirt Subway was created, they want a venue for people with a passion about music to be able to buy clothing to show that off. The print is DTG to my understanding, it’s no where near as good as screen printing but it is sufficient enough – especially given the control over your garment choice you want, it’s certainly an understandable trade-off. For the designs though you can see visible cracks and it will undoubtedly get worse, but hey faded rock t-shirts are even better, so in all essence it doesn’t really detract from the feel.

The second t-shirt is another shirt that I believe I’ve seen the design of again however I’m unable to find where to buy it on their store, which is a bit odd!. It’s just a Guns n Roses t-shirt, which are one of my favourite bands so I particularly also enjoy this one also. The design is nice and something I certainly have been wearing and will continue to do, but again it’s not an original of theirs so I feel I can’t really give them too much credit for it. The print is good enough but the same problem with the prior shirt is that it’s DTG printing. Much like the Slash one however the cracked effect won’t really harm the style when you wear it.

I like these guys because having chatted to them they are nice people. I wish them all the success in the world and I’m certain that they will get it, because while the designs are nothing you can’t find in a high street shop such as HMV (band section), the t-shirt quality goes give me a reason to buy from them – and I really do enjoy supporting indie labels. I’d really love it though if they did their own designs, but I’m curious as whether they really can and that’s why they just use officially licensed images that they pay for. Definitely check out T-shirt Subway especially if your stuck for an Xmas gift for a music lover. You’re bound to find something within the vast amounts of band tees they do.


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