Connection Made: Magnet Apparel

by Carlos J. Morales on December 27, 2012

Remember when I told you back in November that Magnet Apparel was an unique brand that focused on connectivity? It is now December,  I’ve tested the code and tried on the shirt, but is Magnet Apparel ready to connect with you in 2013?


First, let’s discuss the QR code that is stitched on the bottom left corner of each shirt. The concept alone is great idea, being able to connect with other Magnet Apparel wearers by scanning the custom QR code and creating  profile through their site truly separates them from other brands in the industry. However, when I tried to set a profile of my own I kept getting an error message at the username/password screen. I was kind of bummed out by this, but it could have been my phone acting up or something technical beyond my knowledge. With that being said, the QR code system when working is something worth looking into.

Now let’s talk t-shirts, shall we?

Base Jump” – It’s everything you would expect from a logo t-shirt, reasonably priced ($19.99), clean looking, and represents the brand well (it’s their logo after all). The t-shirt (size: small) was surprisingly loose fitting for a slim fit, which I personally enjoy. The print quality was also on point and wasn’t too thick.

Future Vintage Genesis” – The design itself, a playful version of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”, screams connectivity. I  love the robot hand on the front of the shirt (you can never go wrong with robots). The shirt had a similar fit to the “Base Jump” design, but the print quality was a little too cakey for me. Between the main graphic on the front and the spots printed around the shirt – it feels a bit heavy. By no means is this shirt unwearable, it is just not as comfortable as the logo shirt.

Overall, I think Magnet Apparel has a great concept with high quality threads. 2013 is right around the corner and I think there is going to be a lot of connections made. Hopefully, one of them will be you!

  • Year of the Tshirt

    Stoked to see photos used for this piece. We’re redesigning the website right now. Drop by to see the work in progress. +YOTT

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