Threadless Sale! Tees from $7.95! Go Get ‘Em!

by DeeHYA on January 1, 2013

Start as I meant to go on, here is my first Threadless blog of the year and it’s a sale one! Lots of fabulous tees to choose from and they aren’t even going to burn your wallet too much!

Firstly one of the epic Threadless Comic-on-Tees designs, this one is The Day The Saucers Came, Issue 4, Vol 6 by John Cassaday. The design is comiccy but it doesn’t over take the tee too much. These tees are normally $24 dollars so you’re getting an extra bargain getting one of these babies for $7.95! There is also currently availability in all sizes!

I have a thing about Night Sky tees and this one reeks of adorable, it’s also on Asphalt which is one of my Threadless faves. It’s has a deep and meaningful title, this is Discover Yourself by Lim Heng Swee (one of Threadless’ most notorious designers).  I do think this design could of been a smidge bigger, other than this it’s tee perfection.

Really like the originality of Color Founder by Cheok Siew Yen. This features a sweet little beaver turning trees into different coloured colouring pencils! What’s not to love. This is available across the board in mens sizes but very limited in girly fit. Boo.

It does appear that since Threadless updated their site that the search feature seems to be more effective, so that might be cool to check out if you’re looking for something specific. Next tee is one that is perfect for fans of Mario or nuclear explosions. It’s a couple of dollars more expensive but Power to the Mushroom by Budi Satria Kwan is probably one of the best brown tees I have seen on Threadless.

Next tee is a lovely bit of blue for this blog! Bit of colour! So Many Questions by Gabriel Pyle and Nathan W Pyle has lots of little pictures and plays on question words Who, What, Where, When, How.

Lastly for this blog is a tee that I have had in my basket many times but haven’t got round to buying! I love the purple so much and I don’t actually have a purple Threadless tee, there isn’t many colours that I don’t have now! This is Space and Time by Justin White. Amazing detail and an explosion of colour.





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