Sexy, Sustainable t-shirts from Albatross Clothing [Submitted]

by Andy on January 2, 2013

albatross clothing

Hey, I’m not actually a brand or company, just a shopper, I use this site quite a lot to find cool stuff, so thought I would share a company I found all by myself, it’s called Albatross Clothing, and I absolutely love their stuff, and even bought a couple, they’re really cool, and the designs are done by artists etc, so it makes it a bit more special.
The material they use is really soft, I think its due to being organic, but its got to be one of the better products that I own, so figured they deserved a post.
I thought it would be a bit weird if I emailed them asking for a write up and pics for on here so would you be able to as it’s something I think should be shared :).

Ps. I Just attached an image off their website so this would send, hope thats ok.

Andy: You’re probably wondering why I didn’t re-write this submission. Well, I think it’s really cool that some random person liked a brand enough to take the time to tell other people about it, and I want to encourage these kind of submissions on HYA, you don’t have to run a brand to submit a post here!

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