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by Andy on January 7, 2013

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I am the kind of guy that used to complain a lot about logo tees and how “I didn’t want to be a walking billboard”, but I’ve changed my tune somewhat over the past few years, gaining an appreciation for a good logo and also recognising that it is hard to make simple t-shirts look good, the less there is in a design the easier it is to notice when something isn’t quite right, but with Untitled I think they do get it right on their logo tees. It’s simple, but it looks good.

I am still of the belief that clothing companies shouldn’t launch with just logo tees, artwork is something that anyone can like, whereas you generally need to have a vested interest in a brand to want to buy one of their logo shirts, so it’s a good thing that Untitled have that Iwan Smit collaboration in their starting lineup for people that don’t necessarily dig the cleanliness of the logo shirts. You’re looking at €30 for the logo tees and €35 for the colourful collaboration with shirts avaiable in S-XL.

These guys launched from Rotterdam back in December so it’s early days but there’s definitely a lot of promise there so I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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