Blacksmithing Shirts from an actual Blacksmith [Submitted]

by Andy on January 9, 2013

dirty smith black smith t-shirts

Dirty Smith is a creation by a blacksmith who was fed up with other lame blacksmithing swag! Bound by his coal and hammers, this smith went to college and got a degree in graphic design. Combining his humor, trendy design skills and using the digital tools of the universe he came up with Dirty Smith!

Appealing to other metal workers who wield the techniques of their elders whom have been forging since they were “weee lads” or whose grandfather was a blacksmith; Dirty Smith creates a well dressed blacksmith wearing these smithy threads that Hephaestus himself would love!

Get a shirt, show your support to the craft and most of all…get dirty!

Andy: I much prefer the back design to the front, if this shirt had the back print on the front and that was all, I’d be happier, but I guess they feel the need to market their site at the same time as having people wear the shirt.

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