Daily t-shirt releases for January 9th

by Andy on January 9, 2013

evil dead t-shirt

Very groovy t-shirt at TeeFury today.

Love that T-Mex at Shirt.Woot.

Oh come on RIPT, in 2013, really?

Pretty cool at DBH.

‘Forest Spirit Nouveau’ is real nice at Qwertee.

The Yetee have a shirt that I think is celebrating a charity gaming marathon. Means nothing to me but it’s still a cool design.

Star Wars, Breaking Bad and Arrested Development at Shirt Punch today.

There’s been a surprising lack of Hobbit shirts recently but OtherTees are helping to make up the numbers.

Adventure Time x Game of Thrones for some reason at Tee Busters.

I had to look up this 6dollarshirts design since I haven’t seen Django Unchained and therefore had no idea who Dr. King Schultz is.

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