Twin Serpents – T-shirt Review

by Mr Four Fingers on January 14, 2013

TWIN SERPENTS Iridescent messenger

Not too long ago clothing brand Twin Serpents posted an image on their Facebook page of some Black Mamba’s asking what makes snakes so scary. Before you answer let it be known that a black mamba has a reputation for being aggressive. Oh and they are highly venomous and the fastest snakes in the world.

Those who left a comment had their names entered into a random raffle and hey presto I got myself an awesome t-shirt. What made it even better for me was that a couple of weeks previously I let the guys at Twin Serpents know about a small post I created for them on Skull Appreciation Society about this very t-shirt.

Twin Serpents t-shirt review

Twin Serpents is an ever evolving company who tweak here and there to ensure their brand moves forward successfuly. One of their many factets is an impressive array of artists that they work with, a few names I have stumbled across myself whislt perusing the web.

Twin Serpents t-shirt review

Iridescent Messenger is an illustration created by Raf.The. Might (utter skull fiend) and boasts 6 screen printed colours used in clever and subtle ways to create that iridescent aesthetic. The fabric is American Apparel.

As you can tell from the images there are no sewn hem tags or collar labels which surprises me for guys as good as Twin Serpents. Don’t get me wrong this is not a bad thing but rather a detail that, for me, would elevate brand presence (we reviewers do seem to harp on about this). I imagine people in general leave the AA tag attached as a sign of quality but I would rather see a wicked Twin Serpents logo!

There is a swing tag which is cool but I always find them weird as it’s generally a device used in stores (great printed logo however). There are some goodies as well, great to have as usual, though there is one I left out of the images as it’s better left as a surprise to the customer.

Twin Serpents t-shirt review

Overall I really like, nay love Twin Serpents. They are quality people with a great product and I will enjoy follwing them on their journey.

Iridescent Messenger is currently on sale for an incredible $15 .Be sure to check out the rest of their t-shirts.

 P.S. We were supposed to have ‘modeled’ photographs but we were attacked by a Beer Velociraptor.


  • Twin Serpents

    Thanks for the review Mr. Four Fingers. Appreciated.

  • Douglas Henderson

    A pleasure

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