Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

by DeeHYA on January 20, 2013

Yay! Finally some awesome desirable new designs on Threadless, it’s been a while since I have been on Threadless and been like want, want, want, need! Kitties, fishies, peas, pandas, oh my yay! There are still plenty of sale bargains to be had too!

Lots of Threadless fans are people who are super Panda-lovers and this would be an awesome and slightly sinister addition to their collection. Agent Panda by Jerry Maninang shows a super cool panda in his suit and shades. I’m intimidated by the model shots. Let me hide behind this pillow!

Another animals peoples go crazy for is UNICORNS! Me and my daughter always search for unicorn tees when clothes shopping! Nothing is going to beat the Star Wars Threadless one as far as I’m concerned though! Where Happiness Comes From by Luis Diaz isn’t as colourful as you’d expect a unicorn to be, but it is one that entices you to read it.

Every now and again Threadless brings us an epic all over print that makes me squeal! Can’t get over the originality of Dance With Wolves by Peter Kramar it features little characters doing different dances with wolves, I want it! :)

There are so many cat t-shirts that I want on Threadless that it’s not even funny! Here is a brand spanking new one on the scene. If There’s a Rocket, Tie Me To It by Hana Bacasno and Janice Golosino has a very ‘Celestial Cat’ feel so it. It’s amazing, especially in the boat neck fit which I’d highly recommend to girlys who haven’t experienced them yet.

My aperture obsessed boyfriend would be all over this! You’re Dead by Kim Asuncion is an epic Aperture / Ninja crossover, I’m not one for black and white tees but I would absolutely wear this one!

Lastly but not leastly for this blog is Goldfish by Andy Gonsalves. I love the orange/red print against the black tee, the wee fishy looks like he has bags of character and has a bit of a retro feel. He reminds me a bit of the fish called Cleo from Disney’s Pinocchio.




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