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by AndyRocksBluu on January 21, 2013

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Hey everyone, its AndyRocksBluu again and I have a new review with the good people of Effing Gear. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this clothing line I thought to myself “Is that a middle finger and a bird as a logo? Nope I think I’ll pass”. However, after getting my package and really dissecting what Effing Gear brings to the table, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Dive In below and check out my Effing Review.

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Design: 3.0-5.0

The two tees I received were pretty cool. One design was a logo tee and the other was an Eff Sandy relief tee.  Both designs are simple and clean designs that had textures to the image to give it an old tattered feel.

Price: Average/High

If you’re going to get an Effing Gear t-shirt it’s going to run about 26 bucks. For some people this might be a little high but in my opinion it’s about average. While I was looking over their logo tee I found plenty of added details ranging from hem tags, hang tags, and leather bracelets.

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Quality: 4.0-5.0

This is where Effing Gear really shines. Their clothes are soooooo comfortable it’s not even funny. Once I put on my Eff t-shirt it didn’t come off until the end of the day. I definitely give them two thumbs up in the quality department.

Presentation: 4.0-5.0

I wasn’t sold on the concept but the presentation really won me over. Each shirt comes with an Effing hang tag and leather bracelet. I really wish I received a little note that the leather string was a bracelet because I almost threw it in the garbage. Luckily for me I found out what it was when I visited the website. (the bracelet is a nice touch.) PS the tag line in the washing instructions “put some Effing clothes on” is the icing on the cake.

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If you like what you see and you don’t mind wearing clothes with a hand flipping the bird, then Effing gear might be for you. You can check out the site here. http://www.effinggear.com/




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