The Continuing Fascination With Video Game Themed T Shirts

by Laura Watson on January 25, 2013

The video games industry is still booming, and it’s not only the games themselves which are bringing in the money for companies like Nintendo, Sony and Sega. In addition, it’s the merchandise that has been inspired by great games and characters which are increasingly becoming a part of all of our fashion collections, providing a brilliant extra revenue arm for these huge multinational consumer electronics companies.

But what exactly is it about video game themed merchandise and in particular t-shirts that continue to give them the edge over other electronic-inspired clothing, such as social media clothing? A lot of it comes down to how people find themselves relating to a character, whether that be a protagonist in a game or a mascot of a company such as Nintendo’s Mario or Sega’s Sonic, who could actually be placed in both of these categories.


There should be no underestimating the human power of personification, particularly towards characters that we choose to spend our time with when we want to escape the real world, and this is the biggest reason why the surge of video game t-shirt popularity is showing no signs of slowing. New games breed new characters, and each hero (or villain for that matter) is almost guaranteed to attract a huge amount of fans, providing a great merchandise opportunity, with players continuing to demand gaming related fashion for their wardrobe.

So what are our favourite characters from the video game world that we just have to be seen wearing? Mario is still right up there in the top three, that’s without a doubt, even though he first hit the scene back in 1981 in the first ever arcade version of Donkey Kong (I know, I feel old too!). Thanks to his appearance in over 200 other games since his first outing, there aren’t many people who don’t see him as the epitome of video gaming, particularly if you grew up in the 80s or 90s, and this continues to drive his popularity as one of the most popular characters for any so-called geek fashion.

But what of the more recent trends in gaming, and the changes in the way we’re now playing games. Has this had any impact on the types of video game merchandise that we’ve decided to wear? Since the onset of mobile gaming, one of the most popular games has undoubtedly been Angry Birds, and this too has now seen a huge increase in merchandise sales as people look to show off their favourite game that they can play just about anywhere. The Bird Watcher t-shirt (, £14.99/$18.29) has seen a great increase of sales, particularly after the additions to the Angry Bird family of the Star Wars themed game and Bad Piggies, a game played from the pig’s point of view.

Angry Birds T Shirt

With such a huge and varied range of merchandise available related to video games and their characters, there’s never been a better time to be seen wearing a tee from Nintendo, Angry Birds, or any other type of game, and it looks like, at the moment, there’s going to be no halting the growth of the computing fashion craze.

About The Author: Laura Watson loves writing about alternative fashion, and is a huge video gaming geek. Bring the two together, and you’ve got this post about video gaming fashion!

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