A Year of T-shirts

by Mr Four Fingers on January 27, 2013

A year of t-shirts

Well it has been almost a year since I joined Hide Your Arms and I figured, hell, why not recap on the t-shirts that have entered my wonky wardrobe since I  joined. These are a combination of reviews and tees I have bought for myself (what’s the world coming to). It has been great to meet new folk and learn about them and their brand journey, seeing what works and what needs work.

Best wishes for 2013 and I hope to do many more. My thanks goes out to you!

In no specific order (there are a few missing):


Colus Hunter t-shirtcolus t-shirt

One of the coolest designers I have had the pleasure of meeting (well via the web). I always get comments when I wear one of his designs. You can read a review of Colus here.

1st Tee – Hunter $26

2nd Tee – Amour Propre $26


Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre t-shirt

This is one of the weirdest t-shirts in my collection and also one of my favourites. The guys at my work did not notice the design until I showed it to them properly. Now every time I wear this Tee they can’t look at me. Indirectly via a mirror maybe. Danse Macabre have since closed their doors and started a new brand called Wood & Nails. There is a review of this t-shirt if you are interested even though you can’t buy it.



Matheus Lopez Castro AKA Mathiole

Mathiole t-shirt

The ever industrious illustration genius Mathiole is forever ranking up his never ending collection of awesome designs. Mini review here.

Available from ThreadlessTerror Vincit Omnia $12.95 (only XL)



Heretics t-shirt

One of the best and most intricate skull designs I have seen. I don’t normally like wearing white t-shirts (frumpy) but these tees from Heretics are well made and really good fitting so they are rather nice to wear. The skull illustration was created by Alex Konahin, a man with immense patience and talent. Review here.

Mexican Skull Available from Heretics for £30


Sacred Stitches

sacred stitches

Not actually worn this t-shirt yet as I bought off the cuff when they had a sale. It’s a slim fit scoop neck so have to work off those festive seasons 3rd helpings before even consider wearing this. Loved this skull design the moment I seen it on Skull Appreciation Society. There is a  review of another one of their t-shirts called Fox Skull.

‘Mary Bateman’ Available from Sacred Stitches for £23.99


Mr Four Fingers

Mr Four Fingers is a brand (thing) started by myself and a good friend (the bearded guy in some of my reviews).We started MFF as a creative outlet and let it grow organically with the objective of creating t-shirt designs. What we did not expect is to have artwork sold in galleries.

Review here.

1st Tee – limited run from Digisin but we will have official stock in future

2nd Tee – Visions £16.99

3rd Tee – Chaos Rules £16.99



Printmonkey London

One of the first companies that I have bought a photographic (rectangle) printed t-shirt from and I must say I do like it indeed. I stopped by their launch night for their last range of tees but turned up as the beer finished! Read the review here.

‘Space’ available for £24.95




This was a TK MAXX purchase and I have never been able to find out where you can buy this t-shirt from.



Zoo York

Probably the most commercial t-shirts I have bought in recent times but it  was also another TK MAXX bargain. This is an old end of line t-shirt and I’m sure if you look around enough you can find it.


Socially Exceptional


I really like the simplicity of Socially Exceptionals website and the general welcoming company ethos. Be sure to check out their lovely lookbook video on their homepage.  Read review here.

Available for £11.99



Mr Price


I have no idea who the designer is so I’m just going to say Mr Price as that’s the name of the store I bought it from in RSA. Basically it’s a cheap as chips clothing store. I bought this tee for the colour rather than the design. The fabric shrunk considerably and now lives at the bottom of my drawer (can’t tell)



Twin Serpents


Definitely on of the most colourful and intricate designs that I own. The crazy design called Iridescent Messenger from Twin Serpents was given to me after I was randomly chosen as winner for entering a ‘comment on photograph’ competitions. I had also posted about this design on Skull Appreciation Society and being the cool guys they are they sent me what I desired most. Read review here.

Available for $15



Snob Mob



I had the pleasure of meeting Rob, the founder of Snob Mob, at his t-shirt launch last year at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch. Since then I seen nothing but forward momentum with great designs and collaborations with all sorts of talented artists. Read not one but two reviews.

There is one medium available of Miyok Madness for £25

Skull Muck is on sale for £15



Cuppa T



This was the very first t-shirt I was sent to review. I was initially worried as Star Wars is an over-killed theme but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the design was really good with the subverting of religion and dark icons. The quality is also top notch and the guys are blady nice.

Review here

Dark Lord available for $40 NZ (£26)



Dynamic Style Clothing



This is one of those designs that I instantly fell in love with. I’m crazy for patterns but this has an added depth of subtle colours and textures that blend into one another. Read review here.

Luca Battles available for £24.99



Design By Humans



This was our first t-shirt design to win in a competition for Mr Four Fingers over at Design By Humans. They have all but sold out, though there are 3 smalls and 1 large left. Review here.

Available for $12



James Jean and OVM



I have followed the amazing work of James Jean for years and always wondered when he would bring out a t-shirt design. When he did I was on it like a fat kid on a cupcake. This t-shirt is just reeks of quality and it’s a frikken skull! Review here.

Available from OVM (it was a collabe design) for $35 and worth very penny. The shop does not seem to exist anymore and I can’t see the t-shirts as being available, so not sure what’s going on there.



Pale Horse



Chris from Pale Horse is one supremely talented illustrator and has a sublime knack for creating designs that are great for t-shirts. His attention to detail is inspiring. Review here.

Blue Bali Demon available for £25



Hide Your Arms



Well what can I see except you should know what this one is like as you should own one by now! Great fitting tee that’s really soft.

Available for £14.99 from the HYA store



Hydro 74



This design called Alchemy Owl was my introduction to the world of Hydro 74. Holy crap that world is full of fucking cool shit. This design is a re-print from Design by Humans (think it’s 3rd re-print)

Available for $20



Myth Clothing


27_T-shirt_myth clothing

One of the more odd designs in my wardrobe . This strange looking creature getting filled with arrows is a design called Artemis, the daughter of Zeus. Review here.

Was Available for £15.99 but I can’t seem to access the store. I have message Myth and will update this with a link when one becomes available.



Hidden Moves



This man certainly knows how to draw skulls. I admire his skills and he has certainly been an influence with regards to using drippy spray paint . Review here.

Sold out



If you are reading this and are keen for a t-shirt review then don’t hesitate to contact Andy for even me directly at doug@mrfourfingers.com


  • http://www.facebook.com/colus.havenga Colus Havenga

    Great collection! Honored that im part of it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/colus.havenga Colus Havenga

    Great collection, honored to be part of it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.j.bevis Daniel James Bevis

    Nice collection – I need to get something from Colus and Digisin Apparel this year!

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