Daily t-shirt releases & mashups for January 31st

by Andy on January 31, 2013

duck hunt t-shirt

I was playing Duck Hunt a few weeks ago and the guns aren’t nearly as accurate as I remember, or maybe I just sucked. Shirt at TeeFury.

Shirt.Woot have a design that sums up how I feel about a lot of mashup shirts, but I don’t think I’d want to wear it.

From what I understand this shirt at RIPT is something to do with an episode of Doctor Who.

It’s a bit too jumbled for me at DBH.

300 meets Britishness at Qwertee.

Sailor Moon(?), Serenity, and Doctor Who at Shirt Punch.

I’m going to assume that this is something to do with Pokemon at The Yetee.

There’s a Buffy shirt at Nowhere Bad.

‘Iron Kitty’ was always to be expected at OtherTees, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Really nice from TeeRaiders today.

It’s quite a clever idea at Tee Busters, but it just doesn’t work for me.

‘Who Owl” is exactly what it says it is at 6dollarshirts.

Great LOTR shirt at Another Fine Tee.

  • Dilandau

    Not all anime themed shirts are automatically Sailor Moon. It says the name of the anime on the design….

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I realise that not everything to do with anime is not Sailor Moon, but my (very) limited knowledge of the genre was that Sailor Moon-esque outfits often involves a blue skirt and white top with blue around the neck, so it doesn’t seem like a ridiculous assumption for someone like me to make, I put a question mark after it since I wasn’t sure. You could have been polite about it instead of presuming that I just think everything is Sailor Moon.

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