Top 10 most popular t-shirts at RedBubble this week (01/02/13)

by Andy on February 1, 2013

Time to take another look at the top 10 most popular t-shirts at POD company RedBubble this week. It’s interesting to see that the entire top 10 is different from last week.

1. “Allez Les Toon Army” is a t-shirt making reference to how my beloved NUFC have signed 5 French players (and one Swiss who I suspect will speak French) during the transfer window.

2. “The Last Update!” is a shirt that I don’t understand that may be about a game called Sly Fox… but I really have no idea.

3. “Derpy in a box” is one for the Bronies.

4. “Mario Kombat II” is really nicely done and I suspect we’ll be seeing it on ‘tee of the day’ sites soon.

5. “I Choo Choo Choose You…” is an unlicensed (presumably) copy of Ralph Wiggum’s card to Lisa in The Simpsons.

6. “Zelda is the girl” is a concept we have seen elsewhere before.

7. “Max Keiser (Bye Y’all)” another shirt that I don’t understand, from what I can tell Max Keiser is some kind of financial journalist who must have a bit of a fan club.

8. “Elite, Elite!” is a great Doctor Who design.

9. “Hey Puddin” is a lovely Harley Quinn design in art nouveau stye.

10. “They say NOTHING beats a good belly laugh” it’s a picture of a cat on a t-shirt… is this really all it takes to have a popular tee these days?

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