GodMode Clothing Hands On Review

by AndyRocksBluu on February 7, 2013

Hey Everyone! Today I’m very excited to be bringing you the hands on review for GodMode Clothing. For the people that might not be familiar with GodMode it’s a T-shirt brand that revolves around video games and people that play them. I know what you’re thinking to yourself “Isn’t there already plenty of brands doing this theme?” Yes and no. There are brands based around video games but they don’t quite knock it out the park the way GodMode does. (DiveIn for the full review)



Design: 3.0 -5.0

Unfortunately I can only judge my hands on review on the shirts that I have in my presence. I personally think the Nintendo Godmode logo t-shirt is ok but its definitely not one of the stand out pieces in their collection. From what I’ve seen on there website everything looks top notch.


Price: $30.00 – $35.00 (High End)

I’m not even going to beat around the bush when it comes to this category. Is $30-$35 a little pricey for a t-shirt? Yes, yes it is. However, the packaging and the attention to small detail GodMode provides make the price well worth it. In my package it came with a GodMode full color video game box, t-shirt, pin, and godmode flier. Need I say more?


Quality: 4.5 – 4.5

GodMode prints all their graphic tees on American apparel. For the people that don’t know American Apparel is known for their buttery soft comfortable tees.



Presentation 5.0 – 5.0

Godmode threw the hammer down when it came to the presentation category. I cant event think of anything they could have done better. If you don’t believe me, check out this video on the un-packaging of their epic product.


Overall: 4.5 -5.0 (Outstanding) 

There is only one word that describes Godmode and its “Epic”. Everything that they put together was nothing less than outstanding in my book. I love how they took the video game theme and made it into their own. If you are a t-shirt fanatic just like I am, then you need to add Godmode to your list of brands to wear. I promise you will not be let down.

PS save an extra 15% off with the coupon code “hideyourarms” at checkout.




  • ButterGhost

    This is so frustrating for me to see. Why do people think they can sell a BLAH white logo tee for $35 because they have cool packaging? I would rather pay $30 for an awesome SHIRT in a paper bag than play into gimmicks. For SHAME.

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Calm down, it’s very hard to judge a product without holding it, even with our reviews, and it’s impossible for you to know where the money is going of that $30, there are probably more costs to factor in than we expect. Yes, the packaging will push the price up a bit, but that’s a choice that Godmode made when they decided to go to a slightly more premium price point, after all, there are a lot of shirts out there that cost a lot more for worse quality.

    Be sure to check out their other tees, the non-logo designs are really impressive, I know what you mean about logo tees, it’s hard for someone new to a brand to get excited about a logo tee, but their graphic designs can be enjoyed by anyone.

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