Come And Get Me: Hot Women Appear On T Shirts

by Laura Watson on February 7, 2013

Probably one of the riskier choices of fashion, particularly if you’ve got a girlfriend, Original Geek t shirts and similar brands following the same style are becoming increasingly popular as men (and women) everywhere look to add a little bit of sexy shock value to their t shirt collection. While each Original Geek t shirt in the range has its own unique design, each tee also has one thing in common: the model, Louise Cliffe.

Born in the mid-80s, Cliffe has spent most of her career in the UK, although has crossed the sea to the US, appearing in America in 2009. Perhaps best known for playing Sophie Delaney in Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead, she appeared in the 2011 Big Brother house back in the UK where she met her now husband Jay McKray.

Original Geek T Shirt

Heating Up Fashion: Original Geek T Shirts

Launching back in 2011, Original Geek t shirts are undoubtedly unique with their bold and daring prints featuring Cliffe herself.  The model has been used brilliantly to create a style which is different from the huge range of mainstream t shirt brands, by showing off a great looking woman in a totally new and unseen fashion (and surely you’ll agree there are very few models you’d rather see on a t shirt than Miss Manchester 2006!).

The brand was launched with huge celebrity parties, both in the UK and in Ibiza, and the success of the tees has lead to a new range of sweatshirts featuring the same daring designs. But why has a brand featuring a gorgeous woman in a variety of poses become so popular, or is that just a stupid question?Original Geek T Shirt

A Strange Thing To See On The Street, Or Now A Social Norm?

While your wife or girlfriend may not appreciate your fashion sense if you stick one of these Original Geek t shirts on in the morning, what would the rest of the people you pass in the street be thinking? Years ago, wearing a tee with such a design would get you noticed and talked about, perhaps for the wrong reasons. However, since the launch of the Original Geek brand, it seems as though more risqué t shirts have become acceptable and, indeed, relatively normal to see on a daily basis.

It remains to be seen whether this is a sign that the world of fashion is now accepted as a more liberal arena for expression, or if it’s just the fact that people enjoy looking at such a beautiful woman. One can’t help but wonder, though, whether a size 18 model would be accepted and worn in the same way, and how the reactions would differ from these t shirts featuring the gorgeous Louise Cliffe.

About The Author: is an alternative fashion blogger who loves exploring great, fashionable t shirts with a geeky twist.

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    Very interesting. Thats an amazing design concepts. Great job and look forward to becoming a part of future of the community here. Thanks!

  • Douglas Henderson

    Pretty much going to mirror the previous comment! Lovely little read

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Except your comment isn’t spammy!

  • BangWithCamino

    Have you heard of T.I.T.S. Brand (Two In The Shirt)? They are more for urban audiences but they mix women, usually adult stars, with interesting concepts.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I’d heard of them but not really paid much attention. I’ve signed up to the newsletter now so you can expect to see some coverage in the future.

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