Lovely “More if Different” shirt from Swiss brand Smasto

by Andy on February 8, 2013

more is different t-shirt by smasto

“More is Different” is the title of a scientific research paper from american physicist P.W. Anderson in 1972. His rather philosophical explication about emergent phenomena pointet out a completely new approach to Physics. P.W. Anderson was once declared the most creative Physisist.

“Mehr ist anders” also became the claim for our Studio and by following it, a lot of “graphical” questions kind of solve themselves. “Less is more”, “More is more” or “Bigger is more” simply wouldn’t work most of the time.

That explanation of this design goes slightly above my head, but I do like that there is clearly a lot of thought behind this design, it means something, and that’s important when you’re going so minimal on a shirt.

Costiness=CHF42 Buy it at Smasto

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