Top 10 tees at RedBubble this week

by Andy on February 15, 2013

Time for our weekly look at the ‘top 10′ as determined by RedBubble. Please note that these are not the top 10 sellers of the week, which would be something interesting to see, but rather based on an algorithm that is influenced by views, comments and favourites, and as such can be quite easily manipulated, which is why we see lots of awful shirts in this list.

1. This is #1, this, this awful t-shirt design that makes a mockery of people that actually have talent and skill. I know it’s based on a meme, but that’s still no reason for it to be popular.

2. Fair bet that this design is these guys using Redbubble as the POD for their event.

3. I’ve got not complaints about this Hobbit design.

4. We saw this Studio Ghibli inspired character select design by Drew Wise at one of the daily sites earlier this week, and I’m not surprised to see it in the top 10.

5. I’ve never knitted anything in my life, but this wool scarf design is still pretty neat to me.

6. I’m sure we’ll be seeing ‘Invader Time‘ on the daily sites soon, because that’s where silly mashups that don’t really make sense end up.

7. “A portion of proceeds from any apparel or sticker sale of this design will be donated to Grateful Heads, a charity that makes and distributes tie dye hats for individuals who have lost their hair due to treatment for various cancers.” Best Grateful Dead related charity name ever.

8. Who would have thought that a bowl of raspberries could make for a popular t-shirt?

9. It flew right over my head, but about this is a Starcraft t-shirt, so I imagine that philtomato can expect a million orders from South Korea in the next week.

10. Here’s another design that you’d not expect to become a popular t-shirt, but it has 25 comments which I assume rocketed it up the charts.

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