Akomplice and their impressive ‘Magic Plant’ collection

by Andy on February 20, 2013

akomplice magic plant collection

Akomplice do seem to put out a lot of stuff, don’t the? Just last week we were talking about their hat and tees for Valentine’s and now here they are with a whole new collection featuring plants & patterns. There’s a lot of really wearable designs here, it’s not exactly the subject matter that you’d usually associate with a streetwear label but it works really well.

For their latest capsule collection, Akomplice takes a scientific field study approach with a botany twist in the form of the Magic Plant Series. Each item within the collection is individually hang-tagged with the botany handbook, illustrating the genus and species of each of these plants. The collection is comprised of t-shirts, crewneck pullovers, floral field jackets, 5-panel hats and even a skate deck. Each item is listed as either a stimulant, psychoactive, opiate or euphoria. The collection sports the same distinct floral print Akomplice used for their Holiday collaboration with X-Large, in a new, nice contrasting colorway. The floral print ranges from subtle accents on the contrast pocket tees to an all-over print on the field jacket, shorts and 5-panel cap. While floral print may be en vogue, Akomplice takes a novel approach to it as each of the flowers in the Magic Plant Series possess special chemical compounds. Akomplice constantly seeks to traverse the trail less traveled both literally and figuratively, a trait communicated thoughtfully through this distinct collection which could be described as hippy inspired street wear. All photographs were composed by British bred Farmer Dobbs.

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