What’s new in the daily roundup for February 20th?

by Andy on February 20, 2013

teenage koopa ninja bros

“Teenage Koopa Ninja Bros.” Fine TeeFury, if you think it’s okay then who am I to judge.

I’m sure a design like this won’t apply to anyone at Shirt.Woot.

Commenters are bitching at RIPT about there being a misquote on this Nightmare Before Christmas shirt.

It’s not for me but at least the artwork looks nice at DBH.

Qwertee reprint the geek tube map design that I thought looked a bit iffy the first time around and I haven’t changed my mind.

The art nouveau Brave design at Shirt Punch today is a bit weak, but the other two are solid.

We all know I hate cereal designs, so there’s not a lot of joy for me at The Yetee today.

OtherTees also have a TMNT design, it’s not an insta-buy, but it’s not awful either.

Thanks TeeRaiders, now I have that song from Les Mis in my head. Is it just me or does the silhouette look more like Bane than Jean Valjean?

Grey on grey at The Global Thread Collective.

There’s a couple of new designs at Goodjoe.

Tee Busters have a Mass Effect inspired design.

6dollarshirts have this ‘shark chart’ which looks pretty neat.

Young Link has arrived at Epic Embrace.

Another delightful design from Captain KYSO.

  • http://twitter.com/zombie_media ZombieMedia

    RE the Qwertee geek map thing – the design itself is fine (not inspired but fine) – I just don’t get it on a tee. I guess there must be enough of a market for it if it’s been reprinted – but I just don’t get it.

    Do you think the glut of daily tee sites has caused there to be a drop in the overall standard? Sites like TeeBusters often seem to run designs that look like they could have been knocked out in about 20 minutes (this coming from someone who has been printed twice at TeeBusters).

    I don’t know – I just find that the daily tee scene is quite stale at the moment. Cereal boxes, keep calm, vintage postcard (welcome to…) etc seem to be de riguer – it is not that often that I look at TeeFury and think – wow!


  • http://twitter.com/zombie_media ZombieMedia

    Looking through today’s round up there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that I would consider buying (or wearing if given as a freebie in some way)

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    The map thing doesn’t look very polished, it could be a fantastic print if it were done with a bit more style to look like a real tube map, but at the moment it just looks like a good idea.

    I think there are too many daily sites and I think that people are designing with daily sites in mind, so creating something they know will be printed rather something they know is good.

  • http://twitter.com/zombie_media ZombieMedia

    Last night I wrote a well reasoned response – but my laptop lost it.
    So here are my thoughts in a less structured way.

    I agree on the thought that people are designing for the daily tee sites – I’ve had some of those sites ask me to design something Dr Who based – as these sell well. I get frustrated – my last two printed designs (Dropping Science and Cthulahula) were both designed to put a smile on my face. I enjoyed them and I felt they worked. Sales however were very very poor.

    Fair play for the daily sites for taking a punt on a Beastie Boys/Science crossover – but the lack of decent sales will drive them to more and more Sherlock/Firefly/Dr Who/Cereal Box designs.

    It is very frustrating…

  • http://twitter.com/zombie_media ZombieMedia

    Also – the map thing – it’s like an unfinished Great Bear (I think that’s the name…)

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