What’s new at the daily tee sites for February 22nd?

by Andy on February 22, 2013

soft kitty big bang theory t-shirt

I don’t like the way they re-use the joke of this song on Big Bang Theory, but this shirt is certainly well executed.

I see what you did there, Shirt.Woot.

This might be my favourite ‘character select’ style design ever, well done RIPT.

It’s weird to see such a normal design at DBH, it’s so unlike their usual tees, I like it though.

I like the artwork at Qwertee, but I think I’d prefer it as a print compared to a tee.

Shirt Punch have some official Dexter tees which look pretty damn good. I do hate that he keeps the blood drops though, why would someone as meticulous as Dexter keep evidence that ties him to every murder?

I really like the artwork on this Breaking Bad / Bane design at EpicEmbrace, but I do question why the mashup exists.

It’s peace time at The Global Thread Collective.

OtherTees have a Breaking Bad design we’ve seen before and I don’t want to see again.

6dollarshirts have whatever the hell this is meant to be, Star Trek x cats?

This Tee Busters design is surprisingly cool.

The Yetee reference something that I don’t understand.

Calvin & Hobbes x Scooby Doo at Unamee.

$33 for 3 tees in the Captain KYSO grab bag today.

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