Top 10 tees of the week at RedBubble (22/02/13)

by Andy on February 22, 2013

Another week in which I question how and why certain shirts are popular in the face of all the other talent being displayed at RedBubble. It’s top 10s like this that make me think I could be a superstar designer. On the plus side, at least there isn’t a massive amount of plagiarism going on this week.

1. “Ominous Pineapple” is a design that doesn’t make sense to me, the artwork is pretty good, but I couldn’t work out why it was #1 this week. Then I looked up ‘thecampingtree’ since it was a tag on the design. It’s some guy that has 48 million views on YoutTube for machinima videos. I’m in the wrong business.

2. “I am a Giddy Goat” is a design I’d seen earlier this week and I’m not surprised that is has become popular, as Lego designs seem to be a trend at the moment and The IT Crowd will always be good.

3. “My Little Baloon [sic]” is acute design that I think might be inspired by Skyrim, as most Skyrim designs I’ve seen have ears/horns like that.

4. This is the same guy as #1, why people would want to buy the logo shirt of a ‘YouTube star’ is beyond me, but market forces are clearly at work.

5. “Item Unlocked – The Chesty Cloth” – I get the joke, but I can’t really imagine people wearing it.

6. “Coastal” is simple but really nice, good for you S. Raja!

7. “The Exiles” is a shirt based on an online game called ‘Path of Exile’ that I’ve never heard of. It’s interesting how people can create things based on niches I’ve never heard of and make a success of them, makes you wonder what untapped pop culture resources there are out there that HYA isn’t covering.

8. This (probably instagrammed) photo design has 57 comments on it which I think is the real reason why it’s in the top 10, because I can’t imagine that many people are buying a design based around the designers daughter getting here hair done on her 22nd birthday.

9. This design references a new song (called ‘Started from the Bottom’ as you’d imagine) by Drake.

10. “Glasses” is a nice piece of artwork but I don’t like the way that it sits on the shirt.

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