Inexplicable mashups and daily tees for February 25th

by Andy on February 25, 2013

I really liked this Firefly design until I realised it was a mashup, did they really need to put the TARDIS in anotherwise great piece of artwork? It’s a pass for me at TeeFury today.

Shirt.Woot appeal to their customer base.

Harry Potter and Calvin & Hobbes comer together for no reason at RIPT.

The print is too big for me at DBH but I’m sure this will appeal to some people.

GraphicLab enlist InkOne for some Power Rangers-related nostalgia.

Qwertee have a design we’ve seen before and will probably see again.

Pretty solid day at Shirt Punch.

Great artwork at The Yetee.

Nowhere Bad have a Doctor Who design that we’ve seen before.

OtherTees have an arty Pokemon design.

I’m not 100% but I believe this is a Doctor Who based design at TeeMinus24.

Let’s be honest, this TeeRaiders design is fairly poor.

It seems like it was ages ago, but Made in the Now remind us that the meteor only hit Russia last week.

Tee Busters have a simple Sherlock design.

6dollarshirts have another ‘saying what things are on things’ design.

Another Fine Tee have a nerdy design that disappoints me and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because there’s no real reason to have these two characters on the same shirt except for that they’re nerdy, which is a bit of a stretch in my book.

EpicEmbrace have a Doctor Who design that I think we’ve seen before, and I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t see it again.

Tshirt Fight re-use the same Turtle image four times and don’t change the colours to match the character with their new tee this week.

Unamee fill a niche with a Flintstones design.

Captain KYSO have a Pink Panther design that is technically proficient but doesn’t really grab me.

  • ZombieMedia

    Not a great day

  • Douglas Henderson

    TMNT tee, man what an oversight! The Winter is Coming tee seemed too bad to be true but is also a mashup of a real logo for Buffy The Vampire Slayer production company called Mutant Enemy. Bad on so many levels.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Oh yeah, the Winter shirt makes a lot more sense now, my bad for missing that one, still no reason for that mashup though.

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