UnderRepped are getting funded on Kickstarter why not get in on the action?

by Andy on February 26, 2013

I have somehow managed to not act on the two e-mails that UnderRepped sent over the past few weeks, and I feel a bit silly now because they’ve clearly got a lot of good stuff going on here, and I’m not the only one to think so, as they’ve managed to smash through their Kickstarter funding target of $6,000 and are now aiming for a stretch target of a whopping $10,000 with just over a day left to go. See, at least I managed to get around to writing about them before it was all over!

The back story is pretty good on this one and covers why their designs are interesting, and I think a good fit for Kickstarter visitors which may help explain their success getting funded.

A few months ago my dad and I were walking down the street and started commenting on who we saw on people’s shirts. It blew us away that the same faces kept reappearing. We repeatedly saw the faces and names of top athletes, actors, and celebrities. While those individuals are important, we wanted to see someone new. And the idea behind UnderRepped was born.

Since we are both involved with medicine, we searched for a shirt that represented someone in the medical field but never saw one. We easily came up with a list of 10 scientists/inventors/doctors we wanted to represent on a shirt because they have made major contributions to the world. We thought it’d be so cool for people interested in science to get the chance to recognize someone they admire in their field and recognize their legacy. And then we realized that anyone with an interest has someone they could represent. Whether it is in science, the arts, music, or whatever…Who invented the electric guitar? Or stethoscope? Or the electrical components in your iPhone? What about the creators behind the camera? All these great inventions and ideas came from people, and I wanted to start a project that revolved around recognizing them. We’ve chosen to do just that by making high quality shirts. So, who will you represent?

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