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March 2013

Check out these new necklaces that I just added to the HYA store in the jewellery section. Jut £2.99 each plus shipping.


Happen T-shirts and Hoodies

by Ricardo on March 30, 2013

Happen is a clothing brand from San Francisco, California ‘aimed at seeing what initiative can achieve’. Their t-shirts and hoodies are running out, but within the coming months the people over at Happen will be releasing a new collection. Head over to their store to see what’s left and more.


Prømø cøde is QUARTER to activate the 25% øff discøunt. Døn’t miss øut, sale’s øver at the end øf the mønth.


New Urban Boutique are having a sale, go check out some of their stuff, something might catch you eye from brands like Alphabet Pony, Death by Cutie, Dirty Smart, Doccia, Manna and Who Clothing to name a few. Those three t-shirts caught my eye.


Disturbia win the award for creepiest Easter sale promo image. Use coupon code AprilFool to get 20% off until midnight (GMT) on Monday.


No coupon needed.

Test Your Strength


Use coupon code spring to get 30% off at Labyrinth Clothing until Monday.


DIVINITIES Knighthawk Pullover

by Ricardo on March 29, 2013





Divinities have this really slick hoodie left on their online store, this hoodie came in green and black, the black one sold out. Grab yours before they all go, hoodies are going for $56.


Urban Market on Brick Lane April 7th

by Andy on March 29, 2013

Freshly Made got in touch a while back and I was quite excited about the event (even though I can’t go since I live 300 miles away and happen to be in Amsterdam that weekend) but for some reason to forgot to post about, whoops!

They originally contacted HYA to ask if any of you guys would be interested in having a stall at the event (for just £55, which seems like a decent deal to me), but with us being quite close to it now it might be fully booked (though it’s probably worth contacting them if you’re interested). Still, it looks like a lot of fun, one of those things that makes me wish that the Lake District was a bit closer to London.

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Reckin Crew Spring Collection 2013

by Ricardo on March 29, 2013






These new t-shirts from Reckin Crew are pretty humorous, but at the same time strong in design, also the different coloured t-shirts gives it a well finished product. I really don’t see how they would of made these t-shirts any better, could you? The second shirt is a message to New York rapper Joey Bada$$ for his recent diss tune to Lil B ‘The Based God’, and the the last t-shirt is the famous comedian Bernie Mac, RIP Bernie Mac. Check out there Spring collection over on their online store and more. T-shirts are going for $27 each.


You know what? I don’t like these hats, they aren’t my style and that’s completely fine, different people are allowed to like different things and Dream But Do Not Sleep clearly have louder tastes in headwear than I do. What I do like is that these new goods are made in the UK, I think that’s brilliant, I didn’t even know that there was anyone on our collection of islands that was producing hats like this, I knew that shirts were still made in the UK but I thought it was more of a bespoke thing that would push the cost sky high, the £50 for a shirt that they charge is pretty reasonable to me. I don’t know much about DBNS but so far I am very impressed and looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.


Review: Speakeasy Gear

by VitaminSteve on March 29, 2013

Photo Mar 29, 9 29 40 AM


I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I first saw the shirts on Speakeasy Gear’s website ( The designs looked interesting enough, but the product shots on the site weren’t the best. Though, when I finally got a shirt in my hand, I changed my mind.

Photo Mar 28, 10 35 32 PM


Speakeasy is a Maryland based brand, and it shows. The shirt they sent me is a Baltimore Orioles meets Rat Fink design called “Oh Say Can You See”. Other shirts on the site include designs based on other Baltimore based icons, like Edgar Allen Poe. Again, I wish the website had a little more backstory on the shirt’s design origins. If I wasn’t a fan of baseball or pop art, I don’t know if I would understand the design of this shirt, and I’m still curious on the designs of other shirts.

Photo Mar 28, 10 35 41 PM


I was impressed by the whole package here. The shirt’s hang tag was affixed via a button, featuring the brand’s logo, which was a nice bonus for a button hoarder like me (carefully placed on the neck seam as to not add a pointless hole to the shirt), and the design on the hang tag was nice. But the big thing here is that portions of all of their profits from their shirts are donated. For example, 15% of this shirt goes to a college radio station, WTMD out of Towson University (, and it’s always nice to see great looking shirts with a good cause behind them.

Photo Mar 28, 10 35 59 PM


The back of the shirt features a design on the lower right hand corner, with the name of the shirt. It’s a nice touch, not too overwhelming, and gives a sense that the shirt has a fully developed design. It’s not just a “cool image slapped on the front”, but a well rounded package.

As for the fit, I got a size large, and it fits exactly how I want a shirt to fit. I’d say it’s close to the standard American Apparel tee, which I feel is the high-water mark of tee. They have a custom neck tag, so I don’t know what type of shirt they are using, but I don’t feel like there is anything to worry about when it comes to placing an order, which I would highly recommend, despite their lackluster product shots on the website.



I’m running out of good things to say about Random Objects, they are easily in the top 5 brands that I like (I don’t have a real list, but you know what I mean). Luckily for us, this is just the first part of their Spring collection, so I’m looking forward to the next lot of goods arriving sooner rather than later. Tees are $24 each.


Not a submission but their press release says everything that I want to:

BearChamp Limited Edition Tee by JC Rivera

Based on JC Rivera’s numerous BearChamp customs and original creations, outsmART originals is proud to release this original design as part of our Designer Series Collection. Out of the ring and onto your back, this fighter will be screen printed on grey American Apparel Fine Jersey t-shirts and available for both men and women.

Shipping in Mid-April for only $20.00, reserve yours today and support this brute as he goes on to become the heavy weight champ of the world (or the woods)…

The problem with this being a pre-order is that I reckon this would be a great shirt when printed and the kind of thing that I’d like to wear, but just seeing it as this flat image makes it appeal less to me. It’s unavoidable for a company that releases everything as a pre-order, but it makes me wonder if they’re missing out on sales from people that want to see the print before committing.


Neil deGrasse Tyson hits Hirsute History

by Andy on March 28, 2013

I’d never really considered that astronomer, physicist, and all-round ‘cool scientist’ Neil deGrasse Tyson had a recognisable look, but seeing this shirt has made me change my mind on that one.

Costiness= From $16.99 Buy it at Hirsute History


Good to see that Snorg are keeping things really topical with a Matrix t-shirt, though the H20 t-shirt is really nicely done so it’s a bit of a mixed bag this week. As ever new releases are $14.95 each at snorg tees this week rising to $19.95 next week.


It’s Twofury time at TeeFury.

I think this might be the best ever Schrödinger’s cat design at Shirt.Woot.

Powerpuff Girls meets a Clockwork Orange at RIPT. Of course.

Not bad at all at DBH.
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