UK Daily Tee Site! Yes That’s Right Its a First! [Submitted]

by Andy on March 5, 2013

A new daily tee site has popped up recently that is actually based in the UK, a daily tee first, and are looking to bring a new brand to the market: Limiteed!

Offering just one design for 24 hours at a very appealing price of £8/€10/$12 + shipping, they have definitely positioned themselves well within the market.

Users of the site are encouraged to submit their own designs which end up in the “voting pool” where everyone else can vote on them to be printed.

An advantage to submitting to Limiteed is they pay artists £1 (GBP) per t-shirt sold!

Promising to run various promotions and cool giveaways (like free tee’s, designs on mugs, posters and more!) they certainly have our attention.

The site is officially launching on March 10th at 10PM (GMT) to sell the first tee, but right now you can sign up and submit/vote on designs.

You can also get a sneaky 5% off your first order, just add the HideYourArms discount code at checkout : HYA5OFF

Andy: I was going to say that Qwertee were actually the first UK daily tee site, but taking another look they’re actually registered in Ireland. I was sure there was a short-lived British daily tee site at some point, but I can’t find or think of it’s name at the moment. Looks like Limiteed will be getting added to the daily releases post soon.

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