Boba Skates – history and contest

by Andy on March 6, 2013

IMG 0420 480x642 Boba Skates   history and contest
zmedia bobaskates unamee contest 480x218 Boba Skates   history and contest
boba skates admin3 480x385 Boba Skates   history and contest

I’ve never really thought of submitting to HYA before – but today Unamee are running my Boba Skates design.
This in itself is not intrinsically exciting – but there are two reasons I’m posting this.

a) Boba Skates was actually my first ever tshirt design – I did him way back in early 2000. Made it as a horrible iron on transfer on a cheap C&A tee and blam! A happy me. It’s exciting (to me) to see the newer version of the design hitting one of the daily sites.

b) I’m running a contest to win a custom made vintage Star Wars looking toy – and I am super chuffed about this

That’s it really.

Andy: I usually wouldn’t post individual daily tee site relelases…. but that competition is pretty neat.

  • ZombieMedia

    Thanks Andy – much appreciated

    Have you entered the contest?

  • danreed6

    I love the skates. This is funny. Lol. I could have been more better if you add a little twist on the design. Anyways, i still love the idea and I’d love to recommend this to my friends.

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