TeeFury add more sizes and colours, everybody wins!

by Andy on March 8, 2013

When I do the rounds on the ‘tee of the day’ sites each morning for the daily roundup the thing that I see very frequently is “… I’d totally buy this if it was a different colour” being mentioned in the comments. Well, there’s no excuse not to make a purchase at TeeFury now because they’ve begun to offer designs in a variety of colours. Huskier fellows are also better catered for now as they’re offering men’s sizes in up to 3XL and women’s sizes up to 2XL, there’s a slight premium or a dollar or two.

They also confirmed that rises in their costs have led to regular daily shirts being $11 each now, which is $1 up from the past. It’s not really a huge deal, if you like a design then that extra dollar isn’t going to make a massive difference in your decision to make a purchase. People are bitching in the comments over at Teefury over the price changes, as if paying extra for t-shirts that will cost Teefury extra to buy is some massive injustice.

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