Seinfeld Outfits t-shirt at 80sTees makes me smile

by Andy on March 9, 2013

“Jerry’s 32 inch waist pants. George’s dress by mood approach. Kramer’s hipster doofus wardrobe. Elaine’s casual dress, which was still impressive enough to replace Claire on the show. All of the iconic outfits are here on one shirt. It’s a shirt about nothing.”

Obviously, I like the tee, I generally like most Seinfeld shirts, but something that made me laugh about 80sTees description is that they call it ‘medium softness’, as if someone was trying it on and they asked how soft it was, “yo Steve, how soft is that tee?” “Medium, definitely medium softness.” Bu then they go on to say that it is softer than a standard t-shirt, but surely medium is standard? I may be thinking about this too much.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees

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