The fascinating hoodie on Kickstarter with a 10 YEAR guarantee

by Andy on March 14, 2013

File this one under interesting. There’s a company called Flint and Tinder that are used to making belts, rucksacks and manly outdoors things, and they’re now turning their attention to making hoodies, but not just any hoodies of course, hoodies that are built to last.

They argue that we, the general public, have been conditioned by clothing manufacturers to believe that clothes have a short lifespan. People expect something from Primark to last for just a couple of nights out, and they’re priced that way, but there’s no reason why a good quality hoodie shouldn’t last for a long time even if you wear it regularly. F&T give lots of reasons for why their hoodie is built to last, and I’d be inclined to agree with them, largely because they’re offering a 10 year free mending service, so if the seams come apart or you get a rip in it over the next 10 years you send it back and they will mend it for you, not replace it, but mend your own hoodie and send it back.

Clearly, other people think that this is interesting too, because with 40 days to go (I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon) they’re at $373,097 pledged, far ahead of their $50,000 goal, so you know that if you pledge this will get funded, and they’re not a fly-by-night operation so it’s hard to foresee any problems in them delivering the hoodie n the short term at least. If you want to get in on the action yourself you’re looking at $89 for a hoodie, which actually seems like amazing value if it lasts as long as they say it will.

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