Create Clothing: Really rather impressive

by Andy on March 15, 2013

Joel Wiesner, the co-founder of Create Clothing, sent me an e-mail back in January, I took a quick look at the e-mail on my phone and told myself that I’d give the site a look when I got home and was in work mode. Of course, I completely forgot and have only gotten around to checking them out almost two months later. My bad, they’ve got some really cool stuff.

They had their first birthday back in January, so they’re still new but not that new, and it’s interesting to see how their style has progressed through the year by looking at their store, what I assume to be older stuff at the bottom of the store doesn’t suck, but the newer designs are a lot more impressive and enticing to new customers. Looking forward to seeing more from these guys and hopefully I won’t be such a slacker on the next update.

*UPDATE* Create have been nice enough to offer use a coupon code. Use the code HideYourArms to get 10% off your entire order.

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