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by Ash Jones on March 15, 2013

I decided to write this post following a question on my twitter (@ashjadejones) asking if I knew of any decent tees in sizes 3XL and larger.   Almost straight away some one replied saying they had the same problem with finding decent tees in bigger sizes, so I thought it might be worth looking into and sharing on Hide Your Arms.

There are a lot of sites selling the standard offensive/comedy slogan printed tees in larger sizes, but as I find them boring and uninspiring I have tried to find a selection of some of the best (in my opinion) that are available in sizes XXXL and larger.

Johnny Cupcakes


I really like the designs on Johnny cupcakes, the shipping Is quite a lot if you’re outside of the US ($15 to UK) – but they do have a UK store in London if you are able to visit in person.  They go up to sizes 3XL. This tee is priced at $40.



Truffle Shuffle


Truffle shuffle have some pretty good designs, with tees going up to 5XL, one of my favourites is ‘Chewbacca drumming’ which is £24.99



La Fraise


La Fraise have been featured on HYA before, and have loads of designs in 3XL sizes and shipping is very reasonable too (€3).



Team Hell


Team hell have a few tattoo themed tees that come in sizes up to 3XL. (£15)



Got Ink apparel


I must admit I was reluctant about including ‘Got Ink’ as I don’t like recommending a company if I have personally had a negative experience, (sent them a few emails a while back and never got a response, which makes me question their customer service.)

However, they have got some pretty awesome t-shirts!  They go up to sizes 3XL and are reasonably priced, this ‘Octo-sailor’ tee is priced at £22.99.



Ash runs Rudi Clothing selling clothing from top indie brands, check out the store now Rudiclothing.com

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  • http://twitter.com/DeliFreshThrds Deli Fresh Threads

    I sell in 3XL as well since I wear 3XL. DeliFreshThreads.com
    Seibei.com also sells in 3XL+

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