Big Air Wear [Submitted]

by Andy on March 21, 2013

Big Air Wear has created a full line of custom shirts. With a cool look and designs, Big Air Wear guarantees unparalleled quality.

Andy: I don’t like these designs, but that doesn’t matter because there are lots of successful brands out there that I wouldn’t wear. I do think that this could appeal to surfers, skaters and skiers because whenever I seem them they tend to be wearing this kind of stuff, but I still have some suggestions.

Drop the splash page and the pointless intro video, I’m looking at the site on a 23″ monitor and the video was about 3 inches across, and it’s just static images anyway and doesn’t tell me enough about your brand.

The gifs of stock images around the video add nothing, in fact, with them being obviously stock images it makes me feel as if this brand is less legitimate than it seems to be.

It would be good to have some info about the brand on the site, it doesn’t give me enough to grab onto to buy into the concept of Big Air Wear and that can only be detrimental to sales.

Similarly, it would be good to see models wearing the shirts, if they’re for surfers go to a beach with some friends wearing your shirts and take some photos, you don’t need a DSLR even a compact would be okay and seeing people wearing them would make me want to buy them more.

  • Adam Kuhn

    Listen guys, this t-shirt game ain’t for you.

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