Well designed but depressing t-shirts about gendercide in India this week at Sevenly

by Andy on March 27, 2013

Sevenly is a t-shirt company that focus on a different cause every week, releasing different designs in support of a single charity that is usually centred around a cause. This week the charity is The Invisible Girl Project, which rescues and protects girls in India. India is a society where the young help to support the old, but it’s also a country where women face many economic disadvantages to men in the workplace, this has created the horrific situation in which young girls (some just newborns) are abandoned or killed by their parents or family because they are seen as not being able to provide value to the family (I’m not an expert so I may have got a little bit of that wrong, but I think that’s the general gist of it). This of course isn’t the case everywhere in India, but there are places where this practice occurs, presumably in the very poor regions where having to feed and raise another child is seen as impossible by the mother. It is inredibly sad and one of those things that makes you realise just how easy your life is.

Clearly, the t-shirts are very well designs, there’s some beautiful typography in there and they’re all very wearable, but I think that I would just find them to be too sad. Imagine having to tell the story every time that someone asked you about your cool shirt? I guess that’s me burying my head in the sand a bit, but I’ve got to be honest and say what came to mind when I saw these. Still, if you’re a bigger man (or woman) than I and want to help give this issue more exposure whilst donating $7 from each purchase to the charity then I recommend you head over and check out the different garment options.

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