Hand made 5 panel hats and short sleeve shirts make in the UK at Dream But Do Not Sleep

by Andy on March 29, 2013

You know what? I don’t like these hats, they aren’t my style and that’s completely fine, different people are allowed to like different things and Dream But Do Not Sleep clearly have louder tastes in headwear than I do. What I do like is that these new goods are made in the UK, I think that’s brilliant, I didn’t even know that there was anyone on our collection of islands that was producing hats like this, I knew that shirts were still made in the UK but I thought it was more of a bespoke thing that would push the cost sky high, the £50 for a shirt that they charge is pretty reasonable to me. I don’t know much about DBNS but so far I am very impressed and looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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