Fresh Brewed Tee: Serving up pop culture tees to big and tall folks

by Andy on April 3, 2013

One of the reasons why I started Hide Your Arms back in 2006 (which makes this blog pretty elderly in internet years) was because I was a student that had over-indulged somewhat during my three years of eating and drinking my way through Leicester and couldn’t find clothes in my size on the high street that looked good. I wasn’t massive, but I was a bit bigger than I am now, so I turned to the internet and shops in the US that offered 2XL and designs that I liked, so when there’s a site out there trying to make “plus size” people (what a horrible term) look better I’m all for it.

Fresh Brewed Tee have taken the ‘shirt of the day’ model and made it bigger, offering pop culture design in 2XL-6XL for guys and XL-4XL for ladies and no extra charges for the larger sizes. This week they have a couple of cereal box designs available that we have seen before at other daily sites. I’m not personally a big fan of cereal box tees, but each to their own. Tees are $16 or you can pick them up both for $30 saving yourself a couple of dollars.

HYA readers are a special bunch so you guys can get $1 off your order with the coupon code HYAFBT1 until April 6th at 11:59:59 (EST). That’s a very specific end point so you guys have no excuse if you miss using it!

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