MKNK Clothing Review :

by DeeHYA on April 3, 2013


Last week I was lucky enough to review a sample from MKNK Clothing! The tee arrived a pretty funky pizza box style packaging with some lovely cute freebies.

When I was first told about this site I hopped on their site to see what they were about.  I enjoyed the site, it’s clean, crisp and bold and all their designs have a flow as if they are part of a cohesive collection.

The designs are all pretty cool, with gaming, music and they are all on white tees. I think it works because it makes the designs pop.  The hoodies are on black and grey and they look awesome too. All the tees are guy fit but I’ve started just throwing them on with leggings, dead comfy! I particularly like this design called Bolt Dismay! All the designs are original, you won’t find anything like these anywhere else.


The quality of the tee I received was first class! It was an absolute joy to wear and I’m totally looking forward to wearing it in the summer with my bright yellow shorts! It also washed super well the print is still as perfect as it was pre wash.

MKNK have also have had some product shots done on models and they are very current and in touch with the young un’s of today. I would definitely be inclined to buy one of these tees or hoodies for my 16 year old brother and I know for a fact he would be happy to wear them.

Drop by their FB page and also they have a $5 discount code on the go until 30th of April : BUNNYHOP

You also get a cute paper toy to make up! Amazing idea! Haven’t made mine up yet but I am gonna!


  • Joseph

    Really like the brand. Been wanting to buy a hat of theirs for awhile. Just can’t justify spending $35 on a snapback hat. Even after $5 off, with shipping it just does not compute.

  • Derin

    Hey Joseph, thanks for your kind words mate. What would be the ideal price for you? Just asking to learn. These are super limited so they cost me a good amount of money.

  • Joseph

    Derin, love the work. I don’t doubt the quality and the limited release does add to the mystique, but $35.00 (over $40.00 with shipping) puts these hats in the price point of fitted caps. If these hats were fitted, I’d pay that amount no problem. Obviously creating fitted sizes for a limited release product is out of the question, but as someone who wears a hat 90% of the time, the quality and fit of a fitted cap justifies its price. $25.00 feels right for a snapback cap.

  • Derin

    Thanks a lot for your input man . Will definitely consider pricing for future releases with larger quantities. Btw there’s a snapback giveaway valid till monday on MKNK facebook page. Who knows maybe you can win one . Thanks again!

  • Joseph

    Derin, just your reply and am obviously too late to enter the drawing :( However I did see the post regarding upcoming wallet designs. They look soild. Good stuff.

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