Ichie Apparel Makes Its Splash

by Carlos J. Morales on April 4, 2013

There are a lot of brands in the world with various principle focuses; food, typography, dinosaurs, etc. You name a topic and there is probably a brand dedicated to it. In the sea that is independent apparel, Toronto’s own Ichie Apparel tries to make its splash by focusing on artistry and quality. Their mission is simple and honest – inspire creative minds by showcasing creativity in their designs.


I can not thank Richard Park, owner of Ichie Apparel, enough for the t-shirt and letter. A personal note is never a bad thing to receive with your t-shirt, so I appreciate the humbling gesture. The design that arrived at my doorstep is known as Kishi Kashi ($34)  and is described in their webstore as the struggle of life and death. When trying on the t-shirt I was pleasantly surprised on how soft the fabric was. I am not sure if it is an American Apparel blank, but Park promises that the shirt is 100% cotton, and sweatshop free. The fit was a little bit snug, but not too tight. I would totally feel comfortable wearing it out and about. The design itself was a vinyl print which holds up fairly well after a few washes and if you have the slightest bit of peeling, Ichie Apparel will replace it for you! I do not know about you, but that is a plus in my book. It is the little things that help you stand out and good customer service sure is one of them. As far as the aesthetics of the design, it seemed pretty basic in comparison to some of the other designs available (my favorites being Geisha and Dragon). However, basic most certainly does not mean bad. While the helmet covering the half mask half skull represents the struggle of life and death well, I would have liked a bit more detail to help the design stand out.


Overall, Ichie Apparel has strong theme of Japanese culture featured in their t-shirts. Personally, I think this direction can lead to a beautiful collection and Ichie Apparel will sure get there. In regards to pricing while $34 may seem steep think about the facts; the material is comfortable, the print will not scratch or peel (and will be replace if it does), and the designs are hand drawn by artists who want to inspire you with their works. Now think about the price tag when you include all of those factors in… I thought so. I look forward to seeing this brand expand its collection and plan on picking up shirts in the future.

  • Joseph

    The brand is interesting but a potential customer (like myself) would not get the important aspects of the brand (sweatshop free, peeling replacement) unless they read this article. The website branding doesn’t convey this well enough. In fact it looks pretty generic. Dunno how many people will want to spend $34 for what appears to be a generic t-shirt. All you get from the site is expensive t-shirts with a couple cool designs. They don’t even have model shots. We’ll see how it turns out for them.

  • Richie

    Hello Joseph,

    Thanks so much for the reply! This sort of construction criticism is exactly what we need at Ichie Apparel. We’re working on improving our website as we feel that it lacks a lot of information and transparency that we convey to people on the local scene. We hope to have a website that fully represents our culture. Thanks so much for your time and concern!

    – Richie

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