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by Andy on April 17, 2013


My name is Chris Grosso and I’m the founder of an up and coming clothing company called SHEMM Apparel. I’m 20 years old from Toronto, Canada and I’ve been working on my company for just about a year. We have been featured at several events and we have also sponsored a club event for one of our sponsored music producer’s.
SHEMM APPAREL is targeted towards two different scenes, the artistic scene for those who express their creativity through art and the extreme sports scene for those adrenaline junkies who love putting out risks to gain satisfactory rewards. So far we’ve sponsored Electronic Musicians as well as dancers and are looking to sponsor some athletes soon.
Our style would have to be best described as hipster meets extreme sports, where the hipster arts collaborates with the boldness of an extreme sport athlete. The design of our recent 2013 spring/summer line was inspired by what we believe to be a perfect summer which consists of chilling out on the beach, wakeboarding at the cottage, and going to music festivals.
My goal with this company is to create a family like mentality through the brand and give undiscovered talent a brand that will actually take the time to view their material with hopes of gaining a sponsor. We want to help those with real raw talent get the recognition they deserve. In addition, we want our group of sponsored individuals to feel comfortable to come together, collaborate, feed off of each others positive vibes and ultimately help each other reach their dreams and goals!

I hope you take the time to check out my brand.

Thank You!

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Andy: I read through the blurb here and thought it all sounded pretty positive, and then I looked at the photos. I just didn’t feel a connection between what I was being told and what I saw, which is disappointing, because it sounded like it could be quite exciting. It would also be good if there was simply more available to buy, a brand needs to have more than one t-shirt, two vests, a crew neck and a hat on sale, I have more than that in the HYA store, and HYA isn’t even a brand or something that I take that seriously in terms of a shop. Also, the website is sorely lacking in an ‘about us’ page, the information that is in this post should be available in one form or another on the website, otherwise casual visitors just aren’t going to have any idea why what they are buying represents what is claimed. There is promise in this brand, but I think it’s hidden away behind getting caught up in sponsoring people an events and the glamourous side of owning a brand rather than pushing the hard parts and focusing on what actually matters to the end customer.

  • Kia

    This is pretty poor. Not only are the slogans pretty rubbish, but they’ve not even printed them on the 2nd two tees. They’ve just taken photos of blank t-shirts and Photoshopped text on them. This might fly on ebay, but it’s not a great showcase on a blog dedicated to new, cool & specialist t-shirts. Fail

  • Joseph

    I second this. A year to produce 4 mediocre, typography-based, shirts? Yawn.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    But they’ve sponsored a club event!

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