F-Stop Camera Bags available in the UK at Rigu

by Andy on April 18, 2013

I try not to dedicate too many posts to Rigu, my camera accessories shop, because I know you guys are here to read about t-shirts and clothing, not cameras, but I’m just too excited by the latest release over in the shop to not mention it.

Rigu has become the first shop in the UK to stock high-quality but stylish bags from f-stop. I’m starting out with a fairly small selection of their bags but will hopefully be expanding in the future. The bags should appeal to people that want something that isn’t too obvious as a camera bag, a bag that you’d just wear normally whether you had your kit in it or not (which is possible since the padding can be removed). They’re all priced competitively and there is free UK postage available on all orders.

F-Stop bags at Rigu

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