Japan Camera Hunter releases some retro inspired camera tees

by Andy on April 18, 2013

As you’d imagine from my ownership of Rigu, I try to follow the camera world as best I can, so I’d come across Japan Camera Hunter in the past, but it’s cool to see our two world’s meet in the form of tees for camera fanatics.

I like this fledgling range of designs being hosted at a Spreadshirt store, they look fairly simple (which is probably doing a dis-service to the designer) but are very nicely done and really wearable, especially if you’re a photographer.

Most of the range is $14.99 (with the hoodies and iPhone cases being more, as you’d expect), and is available now. I get the feeling that if there is enough interest the range will be expanding and possibly even moving to a non-POD solution, which is always preferable to a guy like me but I can understand why someone running a camera blog wouldn’t necessarily want to have to deal with holding stock and packing orders.

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