A t-shirt from Robot Sculptor Tal Avitzur

by Andy on April 19, 2013

One of the cool things about writing HYA is how I get to ‘meet’ different people that I would otherwise have never known about. Tal Avitzur is a good example of this, I had no idea that there was someone out there creating robot sculptures from ‘urban detritus’, but there is. He has also just expanded his offerings in the form of a t-shirt designed by another fan of robots, Robbie Lee.

The tee purist in me would rather see the design without the text, but I understand that there does need to be some personal branding and promotion through the shirts, especially as people would be more likely to buy the shirt since they’re a fan of Tal’s than just by randomly finding the shirt. Pretty neat that parts of it glow in the dark too, I’m always a sucker for that magical ink.

Costiness=$34.50 Buy it from Tal Avitzur

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