“The Dark White” Breaking Bad T-shirt from 8ball

by Andy on April 21, 2013

I like this artwork, but I haven’t seen enough of Breaking Bad to know whether this mashup actually makes any sense, can someone help me out in the comments? If the design is just based on the pun then it’s a little poor, since we’re seeing a Joker mashup, and from my limited understanding in Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston starts out with the drugs as a way to earn money for his family after he dies of cancer (I’ve literally only seen the first two episodes, and that was some time ago), which wouldn’t align with the Joker’s ideology of mayhem for it’s own sake. Still a cool design though!

Costiness=£16.99 Buy it at 8ball

  • Joseph

    This mash-up sort of makes sense but is a reach IMO. While Walter White does become disillusioned with the world he risked everything to provide for, he’s certainly not a villain in the same vein as the Joker. Joker was not an anti-hero by any means… Also, WATCH THE SHOW! Starts off incredibly slow, but will reward you if you stick with it. Guaranteed. Excellent writing for this show.

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