Presenting PB&J [Submitted]

by Andy on April 26, 2013




Eternally Classic, LLC presents “PB&J” is a lifestyle brand founded in 2010, with an official release of merchandise in Spring 2013.

During the past three years, the team has moved to create and grow a loyal fan base around the principles of promoting originality, positivity, fun and all things dope from childhood.

With the release of our Logo tee, we are looking to strengthen brand recognition among our current fan base and lay the groundwork for potential new fans of the line–heading into our summer releases. Take a second and check us out:

Andy: I’m quite curious to know why a brand that was founded in 2010 only has one design available in 2013? Anyway, they may only have one design but it is a pretty good looking logo design, here’s hoping it doesn’t take another 3 years for them to release another tee.

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