What’s new at the daily tee sites for April 29th?

by Andy on April 29, 2013

Not bad at TeeFury.

‘Rebel’ is cute at Shirt.Woot.

It doesn’t matter what you do, I’m still not going to like cereal designs, RIPT.

Ahhh, it’s one of those wearable designs that mean nothing at DBH.

‘Hamburglar’ is well done at Graphic Lab.

Qwertee have a pointless mashup.

Love that Walking Dead shirt at Shirt Punch today.

I love that one of the comments on this design on The Yetee‘s Facebook page is that Magikarp are “rock hard and inedible.” Oh no, a t-shirt not based in fictional reality!

Good artwork at Nowhere Bad, but does this need to be a mashup?

Very nice artwork at OtherTees.

I have no idea what this is but it looks nice at TeeMinus24.

I don’t really get the point behind ‘Puzzling Paradoxes’ at TeeRaiders.

Made in the Now commemorate the death of the lead singer of the Divinyls.

Inspector Spacetime gets some attention at Tee Busters.

‘Dire like the Wolf’… so this is a Game of Thrones tee at 6dollarshirts?

You know you’re tired when it takes you 30 seconds to see the optical illusion in this skull at Another Fine Tee.

It’s okay but it’s not particularly exciting at Epic Embrace.

There have been better weeks at Gimmick Tees.

TeeVolt have a mashup that I can’t be sure makes sense.

I think I would have preferred this design without the badge on the front of it, the subtlety of the feet and broken glass would have been cool at Unamee.

‘Animals Play Jazz’ is exactly what it says it is at Captain KYSO.

Limiteed have a Doctor Who shirt that I don’t know enough about to judge.

I get the feeling that Blipshift have a Jeremy Clarkson picture hanging on their office wall.

Big and tall folks have Star Trek to entertain them at Fresh Brewed Tee this week.

  • Joseph

    Gotta agree with you on the cereal shirt designs. They keep getting made because the formula (random subject matter mixed with random cereal flavor) is easy to reproduce over and over. Simple supply and demand begs the question, who the heck is demanding these?

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    It makes me wonder how many of a design that they need to sell to think that the same concept will be acceptable for different pop culture references. I guess there must be people out there buying them.

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