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May 2013

I’m more excited about this t-shirt from BustedTees than I am about Random Access Memories.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at BustedTees

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Weirdo Beardo Apparel is having an Everything Must Go: Clearance Sale. All of our items have been drastically marked down and priced to sell. With the arrival of our first-born daughter we are gracefully stepping out of the game!

Andy: Have you ever considered how odd the phrase ‘priced to sell’ or ‘priced to move’ is? Cool designs though!


Our lady Amy has just launched a massive sale/coupon code for her brand Winky Boo, givign everyone a whopping 50% off with no minimum purchase needed!

Use the coupon code FUNINTHESUN to get 50% off your order at Winky Boo from now until June 12th.


Three new tees at blackbloodapparel

by Andy on May 31, 2013

When I first wrote about blackbloodapparel back in March I felt there was a lot of potential in the brand but did wish that there was a bit more to choose from in the product selection to help people make more of an informed decision about the brand and whether to follow them in the future. They recently released three new tees and a couple of beanies and I think that they have established themselves as being people worth watching and checking out for new releases in the future. The hand-drawn designs aren’t my usual style but they do work very well for t-shirt designs and everything here is wearable. Prices are decent for a UK brand too, with tees between £10 and £17.


laFraise go dark this week

by Andy on May 31, 2013

It’s unusual to see laFraise releasing four designs that are all on black tees in the same week, but when the designs are this gorgeous I’ve got no problem with it. They’re €23 a piece as usual and available now.


Little Bit Of Threadless! 31/05/2013

by DeeHYA on May 31, 2013


Haven’t blogged Threadless, mostly because when they changed everything with their website it made it inaccessible to me to blog, I couldn’t save images so I had to screen shot every single page and then crop the bits I needed out so it was taking the best part of an hour to blog. Also I don’t think the new website has the community feel that it used to, I used to love spending time rating tees but I’m put off. I also went from getting a tee every month from Threadless to every 3-4 months. Not cool.

They’ve also scrapped their $1.50 streetteam points for each pic. I understand why they’d do this however, I miss looking at the galleries of people goofing around the the same tee that I’ve got!

As I haven’t been on for a while I have to familiarise myself with the site again. Some crackin’ new designs though. Feeling big love for Starry Pattern by Fred Hoffman.  Bit of a homage to Mr Van Gogh, can totally see why this one has been printed, shows super originality and also I have a soft spot for all over printed tees.



I can see this one being popular with the cat loving Threadless fans, especially as we find kitties cuter than than kids. I also highly recommend girly boat necks, and I think this design would look less severe on the natural colour tee than on the white. This tee is called Drunken Cat Drawings by Jillian Fisher. Quite nice to see some different names on Threadless though, did just feel like they printed designs by the same 3 people all the time!


Possibly my new favourite Threadless design ever! Me and my 6 year old daughter have just spent about 5 minutes laughing like goons at Magic Bacon Ride by George Ostubo. The facial expressions are fab and the choice to put it on a pale blue tee was a good one. One word, WANT!


My husband likes this tee, it’s not my cup of tea. I enjoy the tank but I think it looks a but silly on the guy! It is an interesting mix of colour though, I’d be inclined to get it a size bigger and wear a bright pink or yellow long sleeved tee underneath it. I think The City That Never Sleeps by Dina Prasetyawan is a bit of a marmitey tee though.



This next tee isn’t dissimilar to a Unicorn Star Wars tee that I already own from Threadless. Is it too similar? I’m not sure because I kinda want it. Nar Wars by Austin Frankel is so well drawn, all the colours pop and it’s in no way lost on the black tee. Can’t see what isn’t to love!

nar wars

Lastly but not leastly for this blog CATastrophic End of the Milky Way by Niel Quisaba and Soloyo is a cute mixture of colour and a great concept for a tee, although it kind of looks like the cat is spewing it out rather than lapping it up!




Hey, Check out the Purple Turtle clothing brand! Coming soon! Unique tee’s to express your individualism! Support and spread the world to build a fan base! Thanks!

Andy: In this day and age ‘coming soon’ means nothing unless you’re an established brand trying to hype a new item. People are going to look at this post and then forget about the brand, there are thousands of choices out there and people are rarely willing to wait for a t-shirt when they have other options that they can buy right now. Similarly, if you’re trying to gain exposure for your release it would be a good idea to have some way of collecting e-mail addresses so that you can let people know when you’re open rather than just hoping they’d come back at an unknown point in the future. Also, the logo looked really compressed which doesn’t give a good impression of the brand which is a bad point to start from, little mistakes like that can be the difference between a sale and nothing.


Answer: of course it does!

Highlights here in this sprawling, 21-minute (!!!) odyssey include a gaming-as-addiction montage (:38 seconds), a Pong tutorial from Jeff Bridges and Harry Dean Stanton (2:03), a three-piece tribute to Michael J. Fox (8:57), and a montage of digital dance offs (10:29)!

See a full list of the films as sequenced at YouTube.

Edited by Travis Greenwood (disclosure: that’s me!) and Brett Roberts for Slacktory.

Read more of Travis’ work at The Pet Collective and From Hop To Pop.

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I could be totally off base here, but I was under the impression that The Doctor wasn’t actually a medical doctor, and as such the M.D. is pointless in the House mashup above. I’ve checked Wikipedia since I’m not a big fan of the show and can’t find any reference to it, though he does have a PhD in cheesemaking(!?) so if anything there should be a PhD after his name on that shirt. It’s that lack of attention to detail that is a bit disappointing from Snorg. The Millenium Falcon design is very nice, and the mustache design is destined to be worn by people that aren’t funny for many years to come.


Ichie Apparel Summer Sale [Submitted]

by Andy on May 30, 2013

Excited for summer? 24/7 T-shirt’s and ice cream are just around the corner. To celebrate the warm weather Ichie Apparel tee’s are on sale! And isn’t just $5 for shipping convenient? The sale and stock won’t last long so get your Ichie Apparel T-shirt now at

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


I feel that little bit cooler this week since I recognise the subject matter at My Main Man Pat this week, a Biggie Smalls design and ‘Ruthless’ that references the record label that put out all of NWA’s record. I’m not too impressed by the quality of the artwork on the Biggie Small design, it’s certainly one for hardcore fans of Biggie, but the Ruthless design is certainly a bit more interesting.

Both tees are $20 this week including shipping and they will not be on sale after Sunday, so if you like it, buy it.

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We would like to introduce you to our new streetwear brand. Sublow was founded in late 2012 by two creative graduates in sunny cornwall. At sublow we design and screen print garments by hand from our studio.

We love the freedom of partying at festivals, meeting friends at the skate park and relaxing on the beach. We want this feeling to be incorporated throughout our design range.

Sustainability is key for us because we don’t like the idea of harming the environment. We are not tree hugging hippies; we just believe that doing things in an environmentally conscious and ethical way is right. All of our garments are organic and ethically produced using water based ink.

We are also committed to limiting our wastage by recycling and re-using as many materials as possible. Everything from our product labels to some of the equipment in our studio is recycled, reused or reusable.

Sublow collaborates with designers, photographers, artists and illustrators from across the world that inspire us and encompass everything Sublow stands for. These collaborations form guest designer and limited edition product ranges.

Sublow is our way of sharing our passions with the world and we invite you to come on the sublow journey with us!

Andy: I was looking at this submission and wishing that they had more designs than just this simple (but attractive) logo design since everything looks good but having a bit more range is always good for a new brand trying to establish itself. Thankfully, they do have a couple of other designs that are really nice on their site (that have nothing to do with their name or logo), so why they didn’t include them in this submission I have no idea.


I can’t say that I’m too excited by what Tshirt Laundry are offering this week, the Gandalfini shirt made me smile but I don’t really know why someone would want to wear it. Shirts are $14 this week as usual going up next week.


One of the only issues that anyone could have with The Affair is that their t-shirts cost a bit more than other brands in the UK. Personally, having worn one of their tees in regular rotation for a couple of years (with no fade or deterioration) I’m of the belief that they make some of the finest t-shirts on the planet and that the price is well justified, but I can see how it could be off-putting to people that haven’t yet experienced their quality when they could buy something elsewhere for less money. So, when The Affair release a coupon code to get 50% off their tees then it’s something to get a bit excited about, especially since some of their tees were already on sale anyway. Here’s the details:

* First come, first served and stocks are limited.

* Must purchase 2 (or more) Tshirts to qualify.

* Excludes Art Prints (they will invalidate with the coupon)

The sale is going on until a minute before midnight on Sunday June 2nd, and that’s in GMT. Use the coupon code SPRINGSTEAL to receive the discount.


Profane Clothing Launch 2013 ..Custom Series T shirts Vintage Ultra Soft

PROFANE is the clothing line behind the photography of SE7EN. Both owner and Lead photographer at Haus of Se7en. Known for its diverse style of Avante-Garde Black and White photography.

PROFANE was conceptualized with less of an in your face approach, but designed to dictate how NOT to let society tell you what to wear and how to wear it.

PROFANE has been voted the softest and best vintage feel and cut available with Custom Reverse Hand Stitching and Lifetime Warranty on all its pieces. ( if it rips, tears, gets destroyed, send it back and we will replace it for you )

. 100% Organic Vintage Soft, Pima Cotton
. Vintage Soft Feel
. Flawless Fit
. Custom Reverse Hand Stitching
. Lifetime Warranty ( Rip,Tears, or Destroyed Send Back )
. Black White Distressed Vintage Look
. Limited 1000 Piece Edition Run
. Signature Series
. Breath Easy Fabric
. Versatile For Any Activity

Andy: I’m not a prude, but I can’t think of a place where I could get away with wearing a t-shirt with the C-word on it, and I’ve walked/staggered through the Red Light District in Amsterdam at four in the morning. That said, at least they’re gung-ho with their concept and I’m sure there are people out there more ballsy than me that will wear this stuff anywhere and any time. Really interesting to see a lifetime warranty from a brand too, it’s not something that you expect in our throwaway culture and it gives me as a consumer a lot more confidence in the tees, especially when they’re getting into premium territory at $38 a piece.


Hands-On BAKSO Graphic Tee Review

by MissMcFaul on May 29, 2013

I really appreciate the Bakso tee shirt website’s concept. Giving artistic people an easy outlet for their creativity and an opportunity to get their stuff seen, sold and paid for. Feedback on this type of thing is invaluable.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 12.53.08

I picked an illustration by “indigoivy” called “Lillie” to go on my tee, I liked the simple monochrome and symmetry of the piece. It was a bit disappointing that there weren’t other options for the the colour of the t-shirt, you don’t get a drop down list to decide which you like best for the design that is going on it, your only option is what has been selected for you by the artist. I’m not a lover of white but I like the drawing so much I went with it.

2013-05-04 10.46.34

The tee arrived incredibly quickly but there was no special packaging or branding or stickers or flyers, just a plastic bag with a stamp on. Not that this really affects the product as such, but it’s a nice touch if you get some information about where the design came from whilst building a brand loyalty at the same time and giving a bit more value to your order. The fabric is 100% organic Indian cotton 1×1 jersey and feels lovely! Soft and stretchy with great elastic recovery. The small woven back neck label doesn’t irritate the skin and promotes the product as climate neutral, which brings peace of mind to a consumer with consumer’s guilt. When I put it on I was pleased that the fabric was heavy enough that it was not too see through, however I was shocked at how tight the women’s size large was. I am not a size large, I am a small size 12, and the top was skintight. Beware any ladies bigger than a 12, you will need to go in to men’s sizes and that is not ideal as the shape of the men’s tees are different. Still, the quality level is excellent, just be sure to check their sizing guide.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 13.03.19

Looking at the garment I believe that white was a bad choice for this print as the background is an off white colour like the paper it was drawn on, also the square edges of the design made it appear as though little care had been taken over the whole process and that the design was just..stuck on there! If the background had been cleaned up a bit I would have just had a little more finesse, in my opinion [Andy note: as Bakso print submitted designs they have limited control over this aspect of the process, so I do agree, but the issue here lies with the designer]. I have looked around on the site and this is not the case with all the artists and there is some really great artwork and designs on the site, but don’t just take my word for it, go and check out Bakso as there will be something for everyone on there!


Spring sale and 7 new items from Ugmonk

by Matt on May 28, 2013

Post image for Spring sale and 7 new items from Ugmonk

Three new shirts, three new prints, and a brand new tote bag make for 7 new items in the Ugmonk store. And you can save 20% off all of them until June 3rd with discount code “Spring20″. My favorite is definitely the Never Settle t-shirt.

“It’s easy to be average, but only the standouts survive. So no matter what you’re working on, put in the extra effort; take time to refine; Never Settle.”




Abnormali is who we are. Just as every person is unique, and the way he/she experiences life is unique: Abnormali strives to reproduce that experience in our shirts. We strive to make clothing appealing to anyone and everyone who delights in dancing beyond the boundaries of safety and mainstream aesthetics.

Abnormali’s mission is to put clothing out on the streets that catches the eye and stirs the imagination. Art isn’t confined to a painting or a book. It can be as simple as the shirt you wear or the face you choose to show the world. So put on your best face–be Abnormali.

Andy: Abnormali neglected to mention in this submission that they’re a Kickstarter project going for a whopping $20,000 to get funded.

You’re looking at $30 for a tee which isn’t too bad since there’s fees involved with Kickstarter and you expect the price to be a couple of dollars higher since you are trying to Kickstart a business after all. What I find odd is that you actually pay more for a shirt if you buy more of them; if you pledge for one shirt it is $30, but if you pledge $100 then you get three shirts, paying $3.33 more per shirt, I suppose that you do get a ‘PDF artbook’ with the $100 pledge which they have as a separate $20 pledge, but that’s quite a lot for a PDF. Pledging $250 nets you seven t-shirts and the artbook, presuming that the artbook actually is worth $20 then you’re still paying $32.85 per shirt, and that seems to be a bit unfair to me that you’re willing to pledge all that money and you actually get a worse deal than someone picking up a single shirt. Furthermore, pledge $500 and all you get is double the rewards of the $250 pledge level, so you’re paying the same per shirt (slightly more considering you only get the artbook once), what’s the incentive in that?

It would also be nice to know where the money is going with this project, $20,000 is a lot of money to get a t-shirt company started at an indie level. I need a reason to know why I should back this project and what you’re going to do with all that money, does it go towards funding the next collection of designs? Does it go into machinery so you can print your own tees? Kickstarter should be about openness and honesty with the backer to get a personal connection, but there’s not enough information in this pitch to persuade me to part with my cash, especially since the submitted text is mostly just PR-speak that doesn’t really mean anything to a jaded blogger like myself.


Pixelated Animal T-shirts by Red King

by Andy on May 28, 2013

I know what you’re thinking, “Andy, those images are only 280 pixels wide, can’t wait to hear you bitch about this!” But no, just for a change I’m not going to complain about image sizes, because in this case I know the issue stems from Spreadshirt (who Red King use as a storefront) themselves stubbornly refusing to use larger images, and because with these being pixelated designs anyway that don’t have amassiave amount of detail you can get enough of an idea for what the design is going to look like, so they can just about get away with the smaller images. Of course, it would be nice if they provided some pictures of the printed shirts if they’ve picked up their own product from Spreadshirt.

I’m a total sucker for pixelated designs, so obviously I like the designs, but I think the style they’re done in works really well too, they’re cute but not so cute that it would be off-putting to a burly fellow like myself, they strike a good balance.

Shirts are €20,90 and available on a variety of colours at Red King’s Spreadshirt store.


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